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How To Create An About Me Page In Your Bullet Journal

by Content Team 25 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Hello Archer & Olive fam!

It’s Icy of and I’ve got a blog post on how to create an About Me Page!

First and foremost, what is an About Me Page?

For those of you who are new to bullet journaling, this is a special page in your journal that has information about yourself. There are lots and lots of things you can include in your About Me Page, and here are some ideas:

  • Name you prefer to be called
  • Pronouns
  • Country or city you live in
  • What you do for a living
  • Hobbies
  • Favorites (drink, food, places, stationery, etc)
  • Random facts

And the list goes on! There is really no limit on what you can include in your About Me Page and the most fun part is, you can be as creative with it as you want!

Here are some of Masha’s of @mashaplans About Me Pages in her bullet journal final about me spread

Photo by Masha Plans

about me page example

Photo by Masha Plans

about me bullet journal spread

Photo by Masha Plans

bullet journal about me page

Photo by Masha Plans

I’m sure there are many other clever About Me Page ideas out there in the bullet journal community! Our goal is to seek creative inspiration and incorporate the unique things about ourselves into our own About Me Page!

What materials do I need?

For this blog post, I will be using my:

  • A5 Moon Flowers Dot Grid Notebook
  • Acrylograph Pens
  • Calliograph Pens

bullet journal supplies

You are not required to use the same exact materials as mine. I encourage you to use what you have which can include the following:

  • Your journal or notebook or planner
  • A pencil and eraser
  • Your favorite writing tools like pens, fineliners, brush pens, and/or markers
  • Your favorite stickers, stationery, or washi tapes
  • Your favorite artist tools like watercolor or gouache
  • Photos or ephemera 

Feel free to use any materials you would like and remember to have fun!

What should I include in my About Me Page?

about me spread example

As mentioned earlier, there is an infinite list of ideas you can include in your About Me Page. 

For this blogpost, let’s make it fun by adding doodles, lettering and splashes of color onto the page or pages we will use!

Remember, your doodles and lettering do not have to be perfect! The most important thing is to have fun!

These are the things we will be including:

  • Draw yourself
  • Describe yourself in one sentence
  • Favorite colors
  • Favorite drink
  • Three things that make me happy
  • Three things I am good at
  • Three things I want to achieve
  • Favorite quote/affirmation

And as previously stated, there are many other things about yourself that you can add aside from these! Feel free to use more than two pages!

About Me Page: Draw Yourself

draw yourself example

It doesn’t matter if your drawing style is realistic or if you’re like me, whose specialty is stick figures, anything goes! 

For my drawing, I have decided to add a flower crown and because my current hair color is orange, I’ve added that touch to my self portrait!

About Me Page: Describe Yourself in One Sentence

describe yourself

How would you describe yourself in a few words? In just one sentence?

I like to add a little bit of humor into mine, so feel free to do that too! Try not to overthink it but if you’re out of ideas, here are some prompts to help:

  • Age, pronouns, location
  • Day job and/or dream job


About Me Page: Favorite Colors

fave color palette

Sometimes your favorite colors add to our own personality and uniqueness! 

To be honest, I have a lot of favorite colors but my most favorite is yellow! For this part of your About Me Page, we will be drawing a palette and coloring in circles with our favorite hues! A fun way to play around with this is to use different shades of your favorite colors!


About Me Page: Favorite Drink

favorite drink doodle

If there’s anything I love doodling it’s my favorite drink which is coffee! It doesn’t matter if it’s iced or hot so I decided to include both!

My other favorite drink is bubble tea or boba! If you’re like me and have multiple favorite drinks, get creative and draw them all in your About Me Page!

About Me Page: Three Things that Make Me Happy

things that make you happy list

What are the things that make you happy?

Make a list and pick the top three things to include in your About Me Page!

Because I am feeling creative, I have decided to add a little doodle next to the enumerated words. You can also use stickers or simply write them out if you prefer! One fun and creative way to do this is to write on a different colored piece of paper and stick it on the page!


About Me Page: Three Things I’m Good At

things I'm good at list

An About Me Page should also include aspects of self upliftment and self encouragement for us to remind ourselves that we are amazing creatives who contribute a part of ourselves to the world!

List all the things that you are good at and pick the top three strengths from the list. So, whenever you look at this list, it can serve as a constant reminder that there are three things you excel at!


About Me Page: Three Things I Want to Achieve

Three Things I Want to Achieve list

Everyone wants to achieve at least one thing in life. I know I want to! I have quite a list of things I would like to achieve in this lifetime.

These things don’t have to be huge goals, they can be simple things you can infuse into every day like adding five minutes of meditation. These can also be creativity related like learning a different art medium like painting. But if you do have some big goals in life, by all means write them down here! The act of writing these goals down can help us become more accountable in actually achieving them!

About Me Page: Favorite Quote or Affirmation

Quotes or Affirmations

I love a good quote or words of affirmation! This is how I usually start a new journal or a new month in my journal. Sometimes I like adding a funny quote, but there are also times when I like an inspiring one. And all that really depends on how I’m feeling, so feel free to pick either a quote or affirmation that resonates with you.

Also, I like writing my quotes in either calligraphy or hand lettering because I want them to stand out. You can definitely add more creativity to this portion of your About Me Page by cutting out letters or words from a magazine and sticking them on the page. You can also use stamps! Let your creativity run wild!

What Are the Benefits of Having an About Me Page in My Journals?

I see journals as tangible pieces of memories where we can flip through the pages and see the progress we’ve made and the growth we’ve undergone.

Doing an About Me Page or two (or even several times in one journal) can help us be aware of our achievements and the changes we undergo!

For example, you might want to learn a certain skill now, and maybe after a few months or a year, you could be really good at that thing you started earlier!

I have included a printable you can download here:

about me printable

And here's a video you can follow along with!

Please show us your About Me Page by uploading it on the Archer & Olive Facebook group or tag us on social media! We’d love to see what you create!

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