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Top 5 Back To School Spreads For Your Student Bullet Journal

by Content Team 10 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Hey! I’m Chloe from @bulletjournalbychloe and welcome back to another blog with me! Today I’m showing you guys 5 different back to school spread ideas so you're ready to return to school! Let’s get to it!

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Supplies For Your School Bullet Journal

  • Archer & Olive journal 
  • Fine liners or black pen for details
  • Acrylographs to add some colour to your spreads
  • Washi tapes (optional) make it look pretty 
  • Ruler to keep it neat 
  • Pencil to sketch 
  • Rubber for any mistakes 
  • School timetable! Very important 

Okay… go grab your supplies and let’s start creating!

Weekly Time Blocking


This spread is one of my go to’s! It’s great for blocking out hour by hour of your day. Start by putting the hours down the side of your page then making a column for each day. Now use your school timetable and block the lectures, lunch and breaks within your day. I leave a small space at the top to add any last minute agenders for the day. I like to add sisters and colour to brighten what might be a dull week of lectures. 


Study Tracker

study tracker

I know how important it is to fit in studying within the day. This tracker is a great way to keep on track of your studying and the amount of hours you do daily. I like to colour code for different activities or subjects. This also motivates me to study as I love colouring in tracker! 

School Year Time Table

School Year Time Table

For this spread I used the idea of a pegboard. Create a post it to go on your pegboard. I created one for each term and wrote down all the important dates coming up. You can use this for exams and deadlines too! Add some colours and washi to make it pop. 

Note pages

Note pages

For this spread I love using post it notes. I use these to create title boxes and side tabs on my journal. I prep these pages before my lessons so they are ready to use within the class. I use one side for notes within the lesson and the other side is for extra notes that I need to take after the lesson. By prepping this before my lessons it helps me keep on top of note taking and keep it all organised using the tabs. 

Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

The final spread is a great checklist that is essential. I write down everything I need to buy or sort out before the first day back to school. I tend to use these lists every year so keep hold of them as you will need to return to them next year! Tick off the item once you have it and you can even create one for packing your school bag. 

Feeling inspired? Great! You can use many of these ideas and combine them together to make spreads that are more personalised to you. I hope these spreads help you to get ready to get back to school! 


Want to see more? Check out this video where I talk through each back to school spread idea so you can pick the right ones for you!


Finally, make sure you grab your free printable as a guide or to print out for your journal:

school bullet journal printable

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to tag me (@bulletjournalbychloe) and Archer and Olive (@archerandolive) in any of your recreations and use the hashtag #AOShare #archerandolive! Have fun exercising! 

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