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Top Tips For Creating An About Me Spread In Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 02 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo! Marsha here from DoYouSalut. Creating a “About Me” section in your bullet journal is a fun activity and a great way to reflect and see how much you’ve changed over time. I was recently talking to a friend of mine about how people meet in this present digital age and thought it would be a fun idea to have the “About Me” page look like a dating website or app profile. Let’s dive right in! 

Recommended Supplies: 


  • Archer and Olive A5 dot grid notebook, travelers notebook, or even B5 notebook 
  • Pencil and eraser 
  • Acrylograph pens 
  • Optional: crayola supertip markers, colored pencils, stickers, washi tape 
  • Printer or picture of yourself 
  • And scissors (to cut your picture) 

If you’re interested in buying something from the Archer and Olive website, don’t forget to use my affiliate code Salut10 for a 10% discount on most items.

Step One: Research

Search the bios of different dating apps and sites to see which one’s aesthetic is most pleasing to you. I recently saw a commercial for an app called Hakuna which isn’t necessary for dating but more for making friends. How cool is that?  Other apps/sites you can look into are Eharmony, OKcupid, Tinder, PlentyOfFish, CoffeeMeetsBagel. ( I’m hoping I’m not aging myself with these app recommendations… lol) 

Step Two: Reflection 

Okay it’s time to look at yourself in the mirror for at least 2minutes. I know you’re probably thinking what in the world does this have to do with anything. My response is… a lot! Your physical and nonphysical self are important. But how often do we look at ourselves in a reflective manner instead of when putting on makeup. 

After looking at yourself in the mirror, think about your face and write down anything that comes to mind. 

Step Three: Likes & Dislikes 

Now it’s to think about your likes and dislikes. Here are some prompt ideas:

  • Favorite/least favorite food 
  • Favorite/least favorite  season 
  • Favorite/least favorite color 
  • Favorite hobby and least favorite activity.  
  • Zodiac sign 
  • Thing most excited for the next three months 
  • What you’re most afraid of and why? 
  • Favorite catch phrase 
  • Least favorite word 
  • Pet peeve 

Step Four : Design your profile: 

profile spread

Now it’s time to design your “profile” 

  • First take your picture and cut it into a circle shape. Then using a white pen or acrylograph pen, draw a circle around the border of your picture. You can also draw your picture if you're feeling creative. 
  • Under your picture write your name and age.  
  • Then write down the answer to the prompt questions. 

You can also write your favorite quote and decorate the page with your favorite stickers and washi tape. 


namesake spread

Namesake is another  fun “About Me” spread idea.  Write your name in bubble letters across two pages of your bullet journal. Then write down words associated with your favorite things or personality/hobbies throughout the page. It should be sprinkled across the page like graffiti. 

Here's a closer look at each page:


initial spread


The Story of Me

The last spread idea is to just write the story of you. You can describe your physical attributes or you can write about the things you feel that makes you, “you”. Perhaps you write about your favorite birthday, you can also write about whatever is flowing through your mind for about 15 minutes. It's always fun to go back and see the random things that go through my mind. 

story of me spread

Have you ever created an “About Me” spread in your bullet journal? What are some things you’ve written in it? Which one of these spread ideas will you try? Be sure to tag me @doyousalut and @archerandolive.  Don’t forget to tag #aoshare and ArcherandOlive.Community for a chance to be featured on our community page. 


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