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Using Your Bullet Journal For School + Free Back To School Printable

by Nabaa Afridi 13 Sep 2019 0 Comments

Hi there! It's Nabaa from @whimsical.doodles. How many of you use your journal to plan out your daily routine? Bullet Journalling has absolutely changed the way I approach activities in daily life. I use my journal for almost everything! Work, self-care, personal growth, the list is endless! 

Another exciting aspect that I'm looking forward to is using my journal for school! I hope to start my Masters next year and I'm excited to see how journaling can help me plan for it! 

Planning out your own school year? Stay on track with your bullet journal! Planning for school doesn't need expensive supplies or a lot of time creating layouts. Today we'll look at a few easy Bullet Journal spreads for a productive school year! Or scroll down to find the free printable!

Recommended Bullet Journalling Supplies:

  • Archer and Olive A5 Bullet Journal: These journals are my absolute favorite to use! The thick white paper has held up against every medium I've thrown onto it!
  • Your favorite black pen!
  • Midliners, highlighters or Crayolas!

Ways to Use Your Bullet Journal for School:

1. Study Tracker

Use your journal to track the amount of time spent studying. You could customize this either by subject or on average per day. 

Bullet Journal Study Tracker

Created by: @studyingistoughami

2. Exam Tracker

Another great way to use your journal is to track exam dates and other important tests! Using a future log ensure you never miss an important date! 

Bullet Journal Exam Tracker

Created by: @january._journal

3. Track School Timings!

Another great spread idea is to track your school dates and times - keeping you one step ahead of where you're supposed to be and when!

Bullet Journal School Time Tracker

Created by: @books_stationery

4. Track Grades!

And finally, you can use your journal to keep track of your grades for the Semester!

Bullet Journal Grades Tracker

Created by: @abbys.journaling

Inspired to be productive but don't have the time to set up your own trackers? Download the free Back to School Printable! Inside, you'll find:

  • Monthly Overview to track goals, events, tasks, and projects!
  • Class Schedule
  • Assignment Tracker
  • Grades Tracker and more!


Back to School Printables

Download now and start planning! You can print the file directly on A5 paper or print 2 pages on A4 and cut in half to fit into your Archer and Olive Journal! Download once and print as many times as needed! 

I hope you're feeling inspired and have a fun time planning out your school year! 

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