Archer and Olive

About us

Bonnie Kuhl
Here’s how much I love what I do: I named my cat Archer after my favorite font. I try new restaurants based on their website, logo and menu design. I drawn on napkins, on books, on hands, on walls and on my computer. I lie to friends about plans, so I can stay home and create. I smell every book I pick up, then feel the pages to determine what paper they used. My house is filled with art supplies! And yes – I use them all. I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in communication design. Besides design, I love anything retro! You can often find me flaunting the pin-up style.


Jen Krause
Like Bonnie, Jen is a total design-lover. She, too, has a cat named after a font: Helveticat. She loves lettering and calligraphy, sending handwritten cards via snail mail, and crafting. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in communication design. When she’s not working for Archer and Olive, you can typically find her covered in calligraphy ink, Instagramming pics of Helvie, or binging The Office.


Archer Kuhl
This cat is black, white, and VERY Royal. Named the Crowned Prince, he rules the household. Often shy, but is known to roll over at your feet and demand a belly rub. You can usually find him in his command center, located to the right of the bedroom dresser. He is constantly involved in the painting process. He isn’t very good, and can be blamed for many a stray paw marks. He spends his days sleeping, watching birds out the window, and laying on his favorite red blanket. Archer hates the vacuum, Olive taking over his spot, loud noises, and being stuck inside. This Prince is very handsome.


Olive Kuhl
While Olive is mostly grey, she has picked up the nickname “Peach”. Or “Peacher Creature”. Or “Peach-o-rama”. She is extremely friendly. Olive licks strangers after ten seconds of petting. Olive is not a shy cat, and not afraid to flaunt her “meow”. Her favorite spot is perched on the shoulder of Kevin. Although, she will make herself at home anywhere (including a pile of clean laundry). When hungry, her favorite pastime is chewing on your feet. She spends her days sleeping, scratching on the walls, snuggling, and spilling kibble all over the kitchen floor. Olive hates coffee, scented candles and the white spot at the bottom of her food dish.




Archer and Olive stationery is the feeling of running your hands across 38pt Savoy cotton, double thick paper. We are the hand written love letter on personalized stationery. We are the reason for the envy amongst your friends because your baby shower invitations are so perfect, so unique and so you. We are the card you decided to frame instead of mailing to a friend. We are the wedding invitations you’ve always dreamed about, the smell of freshly pressed paper, and the first page of a new journal. Archer and Olive is darling stationery and wedding invitation design in Austin, Texas.