6 Pan Watercolor Set: Warm


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Introducing our exciting new offering: Artisanal handmade watercolors!

Our handcrafted watercolor sets come in a delicious variety of colors, made with locally sourced and sustainable materials. These stunning professional watercolors are highly pigmented and an absolute dream to blend.

This Warm watercolor palette is a collection of six, handcrafted, environmentally responsible watercolors, procured from only natural sources. We use top grade Gum Arabic, locally sourced wildflower honey, and the world's best quality pigments combine to create traditionally made paint, ground by hand in small batches.

Our paints are handmade by a small family-owned company; they handmix the pigments using mullers and glass. The muller is designed to mix paint pigments thoroughly with the base, which in our case is gum arabic and honey.

Our watercolors are Lightfast, Permanent and Non Toxic.

Shade names and pigments:
Sunflower: Yellow Ochre.
Cherry Blossom: India Red, Titanium White.
Grape Hyacinth: Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta.
Blue Thistle: Ultramarine Blue, Lamp Black, Titanium White.
Willow: Chromium Oxide, Zinc White.
Twig: Raw Umber Green Shade.

*Please note these sets do not come with a brush.

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