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Masha - Design Team Collab Pin

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This beautiful enamel pin badge was created just for you by Masha. Her unique coffee enamel pin features a gorgeous coffee cup and stationery design. 

These metal pin badges are part of an exclusive set, all created by our Design Team to inspire your creativity. Add them to your enamel pin collection, pin display bag, or pencil case. Each custom enamel pin is sure to brighten up your day and inspire you, with our team sharing their inspiration with you on the back of the card.

More about Masha:

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About Masha:
Hey, my name is Masha and I'm a creative behind Masha Plans. Ever since I discovered creative planning in 2018 my life changed completely and now I'm helping others to improve their lifes with creativity and planning as well!
I was never much of a creative person or a talented artist, but I was so glad to discover that creativity is a muscle you can train. The more you do the better you become at it!
Nowadays everything around me became an inspiration for doing something creative in my journal. From people I meet and shows I watch, to smells and colors I encounter during my day.

Favorite A&O Product:
It's very hard to pick just one, because I love pretty much everything Archer and Olive do! But I would probably have to say notepads. They really brought my journaling game to a new level. Right now I can't even imagine how I lived without them.

What Masha does for their self care and mental health:
Self care and mental health is something I'm really working hard on, so here are a few of my secrets.
The best thing I discovered is creating routines. At the moment I have a morning routine that include meditation and journaling and I can feel how it helps me to get into a positive and productive mood.
Another thing is being creative! Sometimes just sit down and draw a page in my Bullet Journal, or just do a quote for my pegboard is all I need to have a moment for myself.
Finally one of my favorite ways to exercise self care is to study. I do some language studies, I take lots of creative courses as well. It helps my brain so always stay agile, and it brings me a lot of joy.

Masha’s inspiration for their pin design:
My pin days coffee and planning and for me - these two things are inseparable. 
I try to cut down on coffee, since no matter how much I love it, it's not doing wonders for my health. But starting each morning with a little cup of coffee while l'm planning my day is a tradition by now, and the only time a day I allow myself to endulge in my coffee addiction. 
I think it kind of makes it an extra special time of the day, and it's nice to unite the two things I love so much.

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