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Missy - Design Team Collab Pin


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This beautiful enamel pin badge was created just for you by Missy. Her unique hand lettered enamel pin features an inspirational quote. 

These metal pin badges are part of an exclusive set, all created by our Design Team to inspire your creativity. Add them to your enamel pin collection, pin display bag, or pencil case. Each custom enamel pin is sure to brighten up your day and inspire you, with our team sharing their inspiration with you on the back of the card.

More about Missy:
Social Media Handles:
@missybriggs on Instagram

About Missy:
I'm a busy mom, wife, artist and author who totally thrives on putting pen to paper creatively—every single day. I went through a period after college of about ten years where I didn't feel inspired to create. My journey back into being a full-time artist includes journaling for mental health and to keep the doodles and sketches flowing! That dreaded artist's block has no space in my life. With the encouragement of my family and my journal practice, the creative ideas just flow!

Favorite A&O Product:
A5 Blank Journal

What do Missy does for self care and their mental health:
Setting aside time to unplug is a huge priority for me. I try to sit outside every morning with my coffee or tea and get in the mindset to take on my day.

Missy’s inspiration for their pin design:
My pin design is based on my lettering art, and it reads "inhale, exhale." It's a monoline lettering style I've been playing around with for the past year. I've set aside a few favorite phrases and mantras that can be lettered this way, as a mirror image. This one in particular is a reminder to just...breathe. Sometimes we can't take a vacation. We can't step away from responsibilities that are pressing. Maybe you can't indulge in an afternoon all to yourself. But you can always take a second to just breathe and reset your day. My pin design is your mini break. You deserve it!

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