FULL REVEAL of the Archer & Olive 2024 Spring Collection

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce the 2024 Spring Collection: Cabinet of Curiosities, launching on Friday, February 23rd at 9am CT!

Cabinet of Curiosities is a trove of curious new notebooks and accessories inspired by springtime, vintage heirlooms and hobbies - curated to awaken the art of creativity for your wellness.

So without further ado, here is what's coming in our 2024 Spring Collection:


The first items in our new Spring Collection are 4 new notebook designs.


Archer and Olive Spring Collection Notebook Boxes

The Books & Flowers notebook is a twist on an old favorite, featuring a stack of books with flowers design, stamped in gold on a beige buckram cover.

Books with Flowers Notebook
Books with Flowers Notebook

Archer and Olive Notebook - Books & Flowers

Next, the Botanist notebook features an extra large floral bouquet design stamped in gold on a deep green vegan leather cover.

Botanist Notebook
Botanist Notebook

Archer and Olive Notebook - Botanist

Our new Vintage Typewriter notebook features a classic typewriter design, stamped in black on a parchment colored buckram cover.

Vintage Typewriter Notebook

Archer and Olive Notebook - Vintage Typewriter

And finally the Keeper of Bees notebook displays an intricate full cover beekeeper design part debossed and part hand stamped with gold foil on a vintage blue vegan leather cover.

Keeper of Bees Notebook
Keeper of Bees Notebook

Archer and Olive Notebook - Keeper of Bees

This design spans the full notebook, with special debossed and foiled details on the back cover, spine and front cover. Inspired by our original Vintage Bee design, this notebook is a reminder of community, dedication, and teamwork.

Keeper of Bees Notebook
Keeper of Bees Notebook

Archer and Olive Notebook - Keeper of Bees

Each notebook design features white dot grid pages in sizes: B5, 8x8, A5, TN, B6, and A6.

Notebook Graphic

Archer and Olive Spring 2024 Notebook Sizes

We know you will have a favorite here, which is yours?


Next we have a truly unique notebook launching alongside the Spring notebooks, perfectly curated for those extra special moments in life we want to cherish.

Spring Heirloom Notebook

Archer and Olive Spring Heirloom Notebook

The Spring Heirloom features a detailed floral embroidered design, sewn on a deep green linen cover. It also has some extra special features, including a ribbon closure to preserve the sewn design and gold gilded pages.

Spring Heirloom Notebook
Spring Heirloom Notebook

Archer and Olive Spring Heirloom Notebook

Retailing at $45, this 9x9 sized notebook comes with a choice of Sketchbook or Dot Grid paper.


Next up, we have a variety of luxurious Spring Accessories, inspired by springtime and designed to match the themes of our notebooks.

Calliograph and Acrylograph Pens

First, we have a new color palette: Cabinet of Curiosities, in both the Calliograph and Acrylograph pens. Each set comes in ten new colors: April Showers, Under the Stars, Honeycomb, Stone Path, Misty Morning, New Bloom, Sunkissed, Fresh Moss, New Leaves, and Raindrop.


Archer and Olive Acrylographs and Calliographs - Cabinet of Curiosities

The Acrylograph pens contain acrylic ink, which is perfect for layering and blending on any paper color (or many other materials) and allowing you to paint without the mess!


Archer and Olive Acrylographs - Cabinet of Curiosities

Meanwhile, the Calliograph pens feature water-based ink with dual tips: a large tip brush pen on one side, and a fine tip brush pen on the other, allowing you to highlight, letter, draw, and color with just one pen.


Archer and Olive Calliographs - Cabinet of Curiosities

Which set will you be picking up?


Next, we have 4 sets of Washi Tape inspired by the notebook designs, that are the perfect addition to your monthly spreads and planner pages all season.


Archer and Olive - Books & Flowers Washi Tape

Botanist Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Botanist Washi Tape

Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape

Keeper of Bees Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Keeper of Bees Washi Tape

The four sets include:
Books & Flowers - inspired by cozy evenings with your favorite books, hot drinks and floral detailing.
Botanist - inspired by vintage florals, hand grown herbs and antique teapots.
Vintage Typewriter - inspired by light academia designs including typewritten notes, coffee cups and stacks of study books.
Keeper of Bees - inspired by dedicated bees and their keepers, delicious honeycomb and drizzles of honey.

Books with Flowers Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Books & Flowers Washi Tape


Archer and Olive - Botanist Washi Tape

Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape

Keeper of Bees Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Keeper of Bees Washi Tape

Pick the set that matches your favorite notebook or grab them all for four inspiring themes for your journal or craft projects!


There are also 4 corresponding sticker sheets in this collection!

Books with Flowers Stickers

Archer and Olive - Books & Flowers Stickers

Botanist Stickers

Archer and Olive - Botanist Stickers

Again, choose from the Books & Flowers, Botanist, Vintage Typewriter and Keeper of Bees theme sets to add the finishing touches to your pages. Each set includes 2 sheets.

Vintage Typewriter Stickers

Archer and Olive - Vintage Typewriter Stickers

Keeper of Bees Stickers

Archer and Olive - Keeper of Bees Stickers

Each sticker set is printed on matte paper to blend seamlessly on your Archer and Olive notebooks.

Spring Embroidered Journal Covers

Our new Embroidered Journal Covers feature a sewn floral design on a high-quality vegan leather.

Embroidered Journal Cover

Archer and Olive - Embroidered Journal Cover

The clasp closure keeps your cover tightly closed, with a luxurious soft inside cover and two pockets to secure your notebook and store your stationery essentials.

Embroidered Journal Cover
Embroidered Journal Cover

Archer and Olive - Embroidered Journal Cover

Coming in A5 and B5 ($43 and $45 respectively), keep your notebooks pristine and protected while you're on the go this spring!

Spring Embroidered Book Bag

We’re so excited to show you a new item coming to the store; an Embroidered Book Bag, retailing at $43.

Spring Embroidered Bag
Spring Embroidered Bag

Archer and Olive - Embroidered Book Bag

The foldover features a detailed floral sewn design, secured with a magnetic snap closure. The herringbone cotton canvas is lined inside with a wipeable nylon layer, and includes a discrete zipped inside pocket. Finally, the adjustable strap allows for one shoulder or crossbody wearing.

Spring Embroidered Bag
Spring Embroidered Bag

Archer and Olive - Embroidered Book Bag

The bag measures approximately 11 x 8 x 3.5 inches, allowing you to comfortably pack up to two B5 notebooks and other stationery supplies for your travels.

Spring Embroidered Bag

Archer and Olive - Inside Embroidered Book Bag

What will you pack inside this bag?

Stamp Sets

Next, we have 4 new Stamp Sets! Stamp sets are the way to quickly decorate and set up your monthly spreads and planner pages, no matter your skill level.

Stamps - Vintage Typewriter

Archer and Olive Stamps - Vintage Taypewriter

Stamps - Keeper of Bees

Archer and Olive Stamps - Keeper of Bees

The first two sets inspired by a few spring designs include:
Vintage Typewriter - inspired by our typewriter designs, this set features useful individual type font letters, mail stamps and frames.
Keeper of Bees - inspired by our beekeeper designs, this set features useful individual numbers, bees, florals and honeycomb patterns.

Stamps - Everyday Bookish

Archer and Olive Stamps - Everyday Bookish

Stamps - Everyday Celestial

Archer and Olive Stamps - Everyday Celestial

Meanwhile, the next two sets compliment our popular Everyday Essentials themes:
Everyday Bookish - inspired by all things reading, this set features useful bookstacks, review prompts and ratings for all your reading journal needs.
Everyday Celestial - inspired by the night sky, this set features useful trackers, moon phases and decorative elements to be at one with the universe.

Each set retails at $25 and comes with a sheet of acrylic stamps, an acrylic block, and a permanent black ink pad.

Temporary Tattoos

Fed up that your journal gets all the decoration? Our new Temporary Tattoo Set allows you to transfer and display our Spring designs wherever you go!

Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos

Archer and Olive - Temporary Tattoos

If you love the idea of artwork on your skin, but you aren't quite ready to commit to a forever design, these temporary tattoos are just $13 and a fun way to explore and have some fun for special events.

Temporary Tattoos

Archer and Olive - Temporary Tattoo In Use

Simply cut out a design, place on the desired area, and apply a wet compress to transfer the design. When was the last time you tried out a temporary tattoo?

Magnetic Bookmarks

Finally, coming with spring we have a set of 5 Magnetic Bookmarks retailing at $17, featuring distinctive designs from our Spring Collection.


Archer and Olive - Magnetic Bookmarks

These bookmarks are the perfect way to mark the pages of your journal weekly spread or book page in a decorative and snug way.

We hope you’re excited for this one! Make sure to check out our website on February 23rd at 9am CT to see all of the new Spring Collection: Cabinet of Curiosities items!

And head over to Archer and Olive Community on Facebook or tag @archerandolive on Instagram to let us know what you are MOST excited for!

Happy Wednesday!

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