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Introducing the UNBOUND Color Course by Archer & Olive

A virtual eCourse all about COLOR!

Hi everyone! Today we are excited to show you the newest Unbound experience: Color Course, launching March 18, 2024.

Keep reading to learn more about The UNBOUND Color Course and what is included in this experience!

The UNBOUND Color Course Trailer

The UNBOUND Color Course

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint your own art to hang on your wall? What if you could learn how to mix any color you’d like by understanding color theory and how to paint with acrylics? The UNBOUND Color Course is a fresh and exciting virtual art experience that will give you the confidence to explore and create with color!

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The UNBOUND Color Course

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This fun, engaging eCourse is designed to:

  • Introduce you to painting with acrylic by sharing tips and techniques for enjoying this great medium.
  • Use color theory to create your own color wheel and mix any color you want.
  • Understand the meaning behind colors and how certain color combinations can improve your well being.
  • Learn how to describe and see differences in colors and how they relate to one other.
  • Gain the skills you need to paint a beautiful and harmonious botanical art piece.
  • Inspire you to continue to create and express yourself using color.
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The UNBOUND Color Course

Join us for the UNBOUND Color Course and let your creativity bloom!

What is an eCourse?

An eCourse is simply a digital course where you can access all information, video tutorials and images virtually! We’ll provide you with a list of supplies, step-by-step video instructions, outlines, and photos for the various sections and projects. The eCourse also includes a companion guide eBook that provides a snapshot of each course section and project. You'll be sent an email upon purchase with a downloadable eBook and a link to register for the eCourse on Teachable, our educational platform.

This guided eCourse includes:

  • Step by step video instruction by our Unbound artist and guide, Lori George
  • Virtual eBook companion guide with an overview of each topic
  • Resources like supply lists, template downloads
  • Lots of encouragement to get you started on your journey!
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The UNBOUND Color eCourse

What supplies will I need?

An eCourse allows you to utilize the products you already own, or find supplies within your budget and country. We recommend you have these basics to get started:

  • Set of good quality student grade or professional acrylic paint
  • A couple of synthetic brushes
  • 200-300gsm watercolor or mixed media paper
  • Non-porous mixing palette
  • Other basic painting supplies such as a water vessel, paper towels, low adhesive tape, ruler, pencil & eraser.

Before purchasing supplies for the course, we recommend watching the introductory videos where Lori goes over options, pros and cons, and recommendations.

Meet Your Guide

To guide you through your creative journey, our resident artist and educator Lori George will be creating inspiring projects with guided instruction.

Lori George headshot

Lori George, an artist and educator, lives in the Midwest with her husband, four children, and Sunny, her beloved Great Pyrenees.

Creativity has played an important role in Lori’s life by helping her manage stress, anxiety, and grief.

Her hope is that these guided experiences will help you find a voice through expression, peace through the mindfulness of tactile experiences, and provide a much needed break from the day-to-day.

Find more about Lori on her Instagram page here.

Lori George - UNBOUND Artist and Educator

Join Lori each quarter for new inspiring projects, each designed to give you everything you need to start benefiting from creativity for your mental wellness.

Lori George tutorial set up

Lori George - UNBOUND Artist and Educator

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We are so excited for this digital experience to launch on March 18, 2024.

If you would like to get involved with the UNBOUND community, join our UNBOUND by Archer & Olive Facebook group here. The group will provide you a space to share your progress, ask questions and support the other members of this special community through encouragement and positivity.

Come join us for this creative experience that we hope will leave you feeling encouraged, enlightened, and UNBOUND.