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5 Different Ways To Use A Blackout Journal

by Ambassador Team 15 Jun 2024 0 Comments

If you are not already familiar with a BLACKOUT, it’s a beautiful black page dot grid journal. I know a lot of us are a little hesitant to pick a blackout thinking it limits us from many options, but today I will be sharing some fun and easy ways to use this beautiful journal, which is one of my personal favourites for many reasons and for some personal projects that I think, look the best on the blackout. Let me show you a few examples.

Hello lovely people I am Naina also known as @twitcherwrites on social media and an ambassador team member for Archer & Olive, @archerandoliveFor more creative resources check out

Let's start by gathering the SUPPLIES you will need today:

  1. Blackout Journal
  2. Acrylographs (Paint pens or Metallic Pens)
  3. Stickers
  4. Washi Tapes
  5. Watercolours
  6. Paint Brush

Starting with my personal favourite way of using a blackout journal.

  • Acrylographs
  • Acrylographs

    This is my favourite way to create, in a blackout journal, Acrylographs and a blackout is all you need to make the project below. The contrast is just impeccable, paint pens on a black background, creates stunning projects, period! I have made many layouts using the same technique and these projects are some of my favourites and they make a beautiful memory keeping journal. So make sure to check out my Instagram @twitcherwrites and also some previous blogs here using the same method. Drawing some different shapes of leaves here and finishing with a quote.  Including a printable for this project below.

    Acrylographs on Black Journal
  • Washi Tapes
  • Washi tapes are great for many techniques and one of the quick and easy ways is creating washi tape backgrounds. This method is so simple, quick and beautiful. And it looks great both on black and white journals. I started by drawing a circle in the middle and carefully laid out  the washi tape around it and got rid of the excess bits and finished with hand lettering inside the circle. Lettering is done using the Acrylographs. This technique is great for monthly cover pages or for highlighting a specific topic.

    Archer and olive washi tapes
  • Stickers
  • Like washi tapes, stickers are a great way to create a quick layout when you are short on time. You can use them for bullet journaling or for creative journaling, the results are always gorgeous as you can never go wrong with stickers. I used alphabet stickers in this project to make a creative and inspiring page that I can always look back to. You can mix and match different stickers for a more fun layouts or use the stickers from a particular theme for a more aesthetic look. Mixing washi tapes and stickers is also a great way to elevate the whole look of the page.

    Archer and olive stickers
  • Watercolors or Gouache Paints
  • I was surprised by Archer and Olive’s watercolours and how pigmented some were on the black. Now, mind you, not all the watercolours will show up like this but it was a nice surprise to see some colours popping out on black with an overall elegant look on the blackout journal. You never know, until you try ;). I recommend using more paint and less water on your brush for this technique.  Alternatively, you can use gouache paint or some other metallic or sparkly watercolours which are more visible on black paper. Printable is included for this project as well.

    Watercolours on Black Journal
  • Paper cutouts
  • Next is, using a different coloured paper from the Archer and Olive’s notepads,  like neons, pastels or white for the contrast like I did here and sticking them on the blackout. For this layout I used the same watercolours that I used directly on the blackout journal in example 4. Same technique but a very different overall look. You can also work on making collages or use different pattern paper for a completely different layout, there can be so many possibilities.

    Archer and Olive watercolors

    Free Printable here !!

    Free Printable

    Hope you are inspired to create in your blackout journal today. Remember there are no rules or restrictions when it comes to creativity. Work on one simple method you liked or mix and match a few to create your own unique layout which brings you joy. We would love to hear from you so let us know which idea was your favourite.

    See me creating all the pages shared above on this YouTube video below.

    Checkout more related blogs for inspiration :)

    Thank you so much for your time today. I will see you next time with more creative ideas.


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