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Easy Line Botanical Doodles For Your Bullet Journal or Planner

by Ambassador Team 24 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Hello, my name is Mark Fig, also known as @Mark.Your.Pages , and today we are going to create some easy botanical doodles to add to your Bullet Journal or planner and how you can also include them in your Weekly Spreads. What I love is that you can use any type of pen to create your drawings. I’ve never been very good at drawing flowers or doodles with intricate designs, but I found a way that I could get some very cool drawings without the extra stress. I found a love for simple botanical drawings and since then I have been able to feel confident including them in my journals.

For an easy reference, I’ve included a step-by-step printable with today’s blog to help you follow along.

download printable for botanical doodles


Let’s go over two styles of botanical drawings. What I love is that you can create small variances in these designs to make different versions of new botanicals. 

The first style is a vine and leaf layout. You can choose to do this as a single vine or multiple. Once you have those lines, then you are going to draw small V’s starting from the bottom and working towards the top of the line. Next, on the end of each V you are going to add small circles to complete the leave. 

line botanical doodle

The second style is a straight line botanical style. For this, you are going to create one long vertical straight line. Then, starting from the bottom, randomly create a few off shoots, alternating sides as you move to the top. Then, on the end of all of the straight lines, draw a small circle.

line and dot botanical doodle

From here, you can alternate different styles. One thing I like to do is fill in half of one of the circles to create a different style leaf. Try making your lines different widths. Use a bold line for the main stem or vine of your plant, and then use a thinning line for the off shoots or leaves. 

botanical doodles on a kraft paper deskpad

Now that you have the basics of a few different variations, let’s make a quick weekly bullet journal spread and use them as headers for our days of the week. For this we are going to create 6 long vertical boxes with open tops. In the opening of each, we are going to draw one of the botanical designs.  Alternate the designs and variations as you go. Feel free to experiment with different pens or even paints or art supply to add some fun to your page. 

weekly spread in a B5 Notebook

If you’d like a more in-depth tutorial on how to create these botanicals and layout, check out this video over on YouTube.

Mix your botanical skills with a gardening bullet journal for a beautifully designed journal with plans for an even more stunning journal.

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