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Simple Monthly Cover Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal

by Ambassador Team 23 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Hello friends! This is Sian or @perceivegrace, on both Instagram & Youtube! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing cover page inspiration for the journalers out there who feel like they cannot draw or are not good at drawing, like myself. You can have a cover page in a journal no matter what purpose that journal has in your journal system but these examples are monthly cover pages in my planner journal, over the years. Disclaimer: The materials utilized in these examples were also accumulated over years, so please message me on Instagram if you need to know where something specific is from! 

Image showing a pile of A5 size dot grid notebooks from Archer & Olive, most of which are previous designs


Don't forget to check out the corresponding YouTube video, linked below! I include bonus cover page inspiration including a throwback to where I started in 2019.

Supply List

As always, Archer & Olive is my go-to for journals and dot-grid notebooks. You can use my code SIAN10 to save 10% with Archer & Olive on the tools you need. Below are the materials I often rely on to decorate my journal pages:


Layering is absolutely my favorite way to pull in a variety of means to decorate my cover pages; layering stickers, washi tape, ephemera, or paper. Curating a sticker mosaic or an ephemera collage, for example, is such a satisfying way to create a monthly cover page. Most of us think in themes when creating our planner journal set-ups and layering various elements that represent the theme really sets up the aesthetic for that month.

Flat lay showing and open A5 size bullet journal monthly quote and cover page for October with a black, purple, and brown color scheme and cozy aesthetic

Have fun arranging everything to your liking!

Image showing a flat lay with an open A5 bullet journal with a quote and cover page for June and a desert theme

Dutch doors 

Adding a dutch door is another dynamic way to elevate your monthly cover page. Dutch doors can be full page, half page, horizontal, vertical, subtle, intricate, and I’ve seen some really creative and functional dutch door journal inspiration. In the past, I have created a dutch door October monthly cover page where when you opened the dutch door it revealed my Fall bucket list. In my February example below, I used the label in the center to extend from the dutch door and added the map paper behind that to add dimension to the cover page. Dutch doors can be fun and or functional!

Image of a flay lay showing an open A5 bullet journal with a quote and cover page in a vintage travel theme

Put the “cover” in Cover Page

This year particularly, I have been obsessed with covering my journal pages in scrapbook paper. Not only has it created the most satisfying journal chunk, but the possibilities are endless with this and it creates a multi-dimensional effect, covering the literal entire page. Below are two examples I really like that I created this year for January and February. You can even layer the paper. I did not include an example of this here, but Archer & Olive has dot grid notepads and I love using those to add dot grid pages back into my journal on top of the scrapbook paper for a calendar spread or weeklies, etc. 

Image showing a flay lay of an A5 open bullet journal for the month of January, the quote and cover page, in a winter in the city theme and warm dark neutral tones

I know I set up the premise for this blog post keeping in mind the individual who feels they cannot draw, but if you also feel as if you are not good at lettering I want to inspire you to print out typography to utilize for your monthly cover pages. You might even have month stickers, but don’t hesitate to print out your own and cut them into your journal, to really customize your theme.

Image showing a flat lay with an open A5 size bullet journal for the month of February, quote and cover page, in a sweet treat theme

If you do not have a ton of scrapbook paper lying around or don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of accumulating a ton of it (ahem, pointing the finger at myself), but you have your collection of washi tape, try creating a washi tape wall to create a background. In the example below, the background of the cover page collage is all washi tape. This is also a good layering example. 

Image showing a flay lay of an open A5 size bullet journal, quote page and cover page, in a delicate garden theme for the month of May


One thing I've discovered, since I started creative journaling, is borders always take a bullet journal page to the next level. If you feel like your pages are missing something, add a border. You can add a board with paper, or washi tape, or a pen

Image showing a flay lay of an open A5 size bullet journal for the month of March, quote and cover page, in a plant watering theme

When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

Keep it simple by keeping it minimal. Grab a sticker that inspires you and set up your no-fuss monthly cover page! 10/10 recommend. 

Image showing a flay lay with an A5 size open bullet journal for the month of April in a minimal theme

In Conclusion

In the past, I have gotten burnt out with inspiration for my monthly cover pages. This was something I actually encountered at the mid-year point in 2023 and using something like scrapbook paper to elevate my pages really re-inspired my creativity. I created a free printable linked below if you want to use it for a monthly cover page, bonus dashboard included! Happy journaling. 

Digital image of a monthly cover page and dashboard free printable included in this blog post in a soft brown and pink aesthetic


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