Shine Like The Stars - Tombow brush pen tutorial

Posted by Bonnie Kuhl on

This starry illustration makes a perfect encouragement card. Or keep it for yourself!  All you need to create this work of art are the Tombow brush pens #685 and #535, the Tombow Brush Pen Blender, and a white gel pen.


Step 1:

Using #685, write the top and bottom two lines of text.


Step 2:


Using #535, write the center line of text.



Step 3:


With the #535 marker, trace over half of the pink text. On the top line, shade the top half, on the second line, shade the bottom half. On the 3rd line, shade the top half, and on the last line, shade the bottom half.



Step 4:

WIth the #685 marker, Shade the top and bottom ⅓ of the word “stars”.


Step 5:

Use the blender pen to blend overlapping colors. It helps to blend, and let sit a few minutes.



Step 6:

Using a white gel pen, add your stars. For a more organic look - vary the shapes and sizes of each star.


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