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Inspiration for Keeping a Motivational Quotes Journal

by Ambassador Team 20 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Today we talk about keeping a motivational self care journal, with your favourite quotes, sayings or even words, but let's make it a little more fun and creative. Back in time, the very first reason I picked up a journal was to write my favourite quotes and keep it as a memory book with all the inspiring and motivating words I related to, so that I don't forget them. I think it is such a great way to remember all your favourite quotes that you lived by and what they meant for you at that time. You look back after a few years and realise how you have grown through all that. I have a very special bond with quotes since I was young as they have always inspired me in all the times, good or bad. So these journals hold a very special place in my heart and today I wanted to share some insights with you and show you my journals and pages I created in them for everyday motivation. Hopefully, I will get you started with your own “Favourite Quotes Journal” :) or any creative journal of your choice.

Archer and Olive Journals

Hi friends, Naina here again or TwitcherWrites from Instagram / Youtube , sharing some personal projects with you here today and if you prefer watching the process more than reading, then head over to Archer and Olive’s Youtube where we will be making three different projects together and will be flipping through many more inspiring pages.

Now I did say that we are doing quotes, which we will, but also, sometimes just a simple word can say a lot like “Gratitude” or “Grateful”, and get your thought process or imagination going, I will include one such project. So no rules here! 

Before starting, let's do the supplies check. Remember you can use my code TWITCHERWRITES for 10% off on your orders at Archer and Olive.

Supplies I used -

  1. Journals by Archer & Olive (A5 and Traveler)
  2. Calliographs by Archer & Olive
  3. Washi Tapes of your choice

Printables are included for the first three projects I am sharing below.

Free Printable

Let's start! 

Our first motivating page.


The first inspiring page in our journal will include some self encouragement and appreciation. I learnt that, in the times when we need to hear these words the most, we are our own best friends. I often write this saying in my journal, when I start a new journal or I am struggling finishing some tasks and need a little nudge from myself. 

Using a black Calliographs, start by hand lettering the words and finish with all the little elements around them. I chose to add some colour and washi tape to complete the whole look. I made this page in about 5 to 7 mins. I hope you will try this in your journals or simply print it out, decorate it and keep it on your desk for that daily motivation.

Motivating Words

Our second motivating page.


The second page I included is something I learned the hard way. Being an artist, we self criticise so much, but instead I say this to myself now - “my art doesn't have to be perfect, it's mine, it's unique and it's beautiful”. And this saying can be applicable in many such situations. I hope you can relate and find this saying beautiful.

Again, for this page, I used 4 different Calliographs , starting by hand lettering the words in a slightly different style than the first page and finishing with some leaves and berries. I love creating nature inspired layouts and this is one of my favourite ways to add some colours in my projects. This page took me about 15-20 mins to finish. Highly recommend the related Youtube video to see how I created everything shown here using only brush pens. So please go have a look at the process.

Motivating words Journal

Our last motivating page.


While grateful simply means - feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received, It's a great everyday practice to be thankful for the things and people around us. Life gets busy for all of us and we forget to be grateful for the little things right in front of us. So this page is just a sweet reminder I created with many tiny hearts around the word “Grateful”, to be appreciative for little things in life.

I printed out the word and then worked with the brush pens to add all the details and glued it in my journal in the shape of a heart. I think it looks pretty cute!

Motivating words

Below are some more fun ideas and inspirations, we would really love to see what you will end up creating. Do you keep a creative, self-care or a motivational journal? Did you pick up some fun ideas today? We would love to see those amazing ideas and creations, make sure to tag us @twitcherwrites and @archerandolive so that we can see them too!

Motivational quotes for Journaling

Motivational Quotes for JournalingSelf Love, Motivating words

Motivating words
Motivating words for journaling
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