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How to Make a Floral Pop Up Journal Spread

by Ambassador Team 07 Jul 2024 0 Comments

Lazy days, late summer picnics in the sunshine, having to make a creative project while vibing with everything you are experiencing is a memory worth keeping. Today’s blog is inspired by all things summer and sunshine. Sharing some ideas and inspiration to create your very own summer inspired Collage/ Paper cutouts project. For me, the things that make me the happiest about summer are the flowers. And all the blooming flowers sparked the idea of creating this floral blog today. Make this beautiful summer inspired floral collage with me today.

Collage art Archer and olive

Hello creative friends, I am Naina, also known as @twitcherwrites on social media and an ambassador team member for Archer & Olive, @archerandolive . For more creative resources check out 

Let's start with gathering the supplies. 


  1. Journal: I used the A5 dot grid journal.  Archer and Olive Journals.
  2. Pens and Basics: Calliographs/Brush pens Archer and Olive’s Acrylographs and calliographs. A pair of scissors, water brush if you are going for the watercolour effect and a glue.
  3. Printable: Click here!!

Printable includes different flowers and leaves which you can colour in, using the Acrylographs followed by cutting them out for the project today.


floral template


Step 1 - Printing out the printable

Print out the printable shared above and start by colouring in all the leaves and flowers using the colours of your choice or the colours that I used. If you are blending the colours like I did, I suggest printing on a 200 GSM / 74 LB paper. I am sharing the names of the Calliographs I used for today’s project below-

  • Olive
  • Moss Green
  • Bloom
  • Sunshine
  • Melon Punch
  • Pink Velvet
  • Magenta
  • Flamingo Red
  • Maroon
Collage Printable Archer and olive
Step 2 - Blending 

Blending the leaves and the flowers using two or three different colours for the watercolour effect. I blended the leaves with two shades of green. For the Tulips, I used three different shades of Red/Orange colours. You can skip this step if you are simply colouring and not blending. It will look equally beautiful. 

Acrylographs Archer and Olive

Step 3 - Cut out the leaves and the flowers

Using a scissor, cut around the guidelines of the flowers and the leaves as shown in the image below.

Free Printable Archer and Olive

Step 4 - Placement of the cutouts on the journal

Before glueing everything, try different placements until you are happy with the overall look of the layout. You can add or reduce leaves or flowers as you like. You can overlap some bits to have a more 3D look. If you want to add more, I recommend taking two printouts of the same and adding more details. I just used one print out for my page below. Improvise as you like :)

Archer and Olive Journal

Step 5 - Final placement and lettering

The final step is to put it all together! Use the glue to stick everything as you planned in step 4 and finish by adding a word or a phrase. I chose to hand-letter the word “Summer”. But this layout will also be great for a monthly cover page. Or make the whole month's theme “paper cuts”. Use the same printable throughout the month in bits and pieces to have a beautiful floral theme throughout the month. I think it will look very beautiful and aesthetic.

Final Project Archer and olive

See me creating the layout above in this YouTube video below.

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Thank you so much for sticking around today. Hope you enjoyed today’s “Paper Cutouts” project and are inspired to create your own. If you happen to do that, don’t forget to tag us. @archerandolive@twitcherwrites . We would love to see your unique creations.

See you next time!


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