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10+ New Year Quote Page Ideas For The First Page Of Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 09 Dec 2021 1 comment

Hello Friends! I’m Dano from @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! And I’m super excited to share some quote page ideas for New Year! I think that adding quotes on your bullet journal is always a plus, it is so special, I feel like I’m communicating with my Bullet Journal in small talk (obviously, it won’t reply :P), where I will forever have those quotes immortalized on my beloved notebook. 

This blog post is also meant to help you find the ideal quote page for New Year! Don’t worry if you think you’re not artistic or creative, I’ll have some simple layouts as well so you can have fun with more minimal quote pages as well! So grab your supplies, your favorite beverage, and get inspired by these lovely and festive Quote Pages!


Here’s what I used on these Quote Pages:

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Quote 1: “The Beginning of a New Chapter”

beginning chapter

This is a simple quote with some calligraphy using the Indigo and Blue Bell Calliographs from the Jewel Selection, I used Indigo for the calligraphy using the broad brush and the fine brush to give some contrast, after that I did some shadows with Blue Bell and outlined with a black pen and did some juicy effect with the white acrylograph and stars with a grey calliograph.


Quote 2: “May this year be as good or better than the previous”

May this year be as good or better than the previous

In this Quote Page I took some kraft paper from this notebook, because I don’t own a notepad yet (but I recommend using one instead of ripping pages :P) , and ripped the paper for a scrapbooking vibe. I stamped the quote using small alphabet stamps for the vintage aesthetic and I also used the Magic of Fall stickers to decorate the page, and I really liked how it looked in the end.


Quote 3: “New Year, New Me!”

New Year, New Me!

This is a powerful quote with a leafier aesthetic and simplicity. I love seeing a new year as a new chapter in my life, a new person, a “New Me”, and I hope you like it as well!


Quote 4: “ Thank You 2021, Next!”

Thank You 2021, Next!

Next is “Thank you 2021, next” inspired by Mean Girls and Thank you next by Ariana Grande. I'm a huge fan here and I used the black paper to make some squares for the collage and the pink Calliograph from the Tropical Selection and a white acrylograph. This page was also inspired by the amazing talented @jashiicorrin, also a fellow Design Team member, who did a Mean Girls Theme in october.


Quote 5: “Happy New Year”

Happy New Year

This is the simple and most used quote, but there’s always a lot of meaning behind a “Happy New Year” like, deep inside we want the new year to be as Happy as possible, so let’s celebrate this simple quote! For this one I used the calliographs as watercolors for the quote page, be careful to not use a lot of water like I did so there’s no bleed through on the other side of the page.


Quote 6: “12 new chapters, 365 opportunities”

12 new chapters, 365 opportunities

For a more elegant or Great Gatsby look, here’s an idea for a quote page with gold, really simple and meaningful! I used the Black  Paper from this Neapolitan Notebook (I recommend using the notepad instead) and the Gold and White Acrylographs.


Quote 7: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

The best way to predict the future is to create it

For a simpler quote page here I just wrote “The best way to predict the future is to create it” using the acrylographs for both the quote and the gold leaves. Minimal aesthetic is what I call this quote page, and I love minimal quotes!


Quote 8: “Make this year your year”

Make this year your year

Using the mint and teal calliographs from the Tropical Selection (Mint for the calligraphy and Teal for some shadow) and some of the Magic of Fall stickers, I did this lovely decorated Quote Page with a fun border around it.


Quote 9: “And so a new adventure begins”

And so a new adventure begins

If you like illustrations, here’s a great quote page that says, “And so a new adventure begins” With some traveling inspired illustrations using only the peach calliograph from the Jewel selection. (Honestly, my personal favorite Quote page of them all.)


Quote 10: “Cheers to another year and cheers to another adventure”

Cheers to another year and cheers to another adventure

With some glasses of champagne using the grey calliograph from the Tropical Selection this quote page brings a fun tradition of toasting to a new year, at least we do it every year here in Portugal! With a simple border around the page that connects both glasses and that I like to make to fill the empty space.


Quote 11: “Celebrate your accomplishments this year and get ready for new one’s next year”

Celebrate your accomplishments this year and get ready for new one’s next year

Using both kraft and black paper I did this fun 2 boxes to look like they are overlapping each other, and a grey and black grid behind it to bring some dimension to the page, it wasn’t supposed to be grey and black, but I didn’t count the dots well enough and tried to cover up with a white acrylograph, but I didn’t like how it was looking so I did a black grid as well and I liked it even better! Happy accidents I suppose ahah. After that I decorated with some washi tape.


Quote 12: Happy New Year in different languages

Happy New Year in different languages

For the last quote page idea, I wrote happy new year in different languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and French using only Acrylographs and the grey calliograph for the grid behind the quotes. I have a lot of family around the world and this page reminds me of everyone! (In case you didn’t know I’m from Portugal and I also have nationality from Moldova! that’s the reason for the Romanian quote, eeep thank you for being on another episode of Danos Facts!)

Check out how I did these Quote Page Ideas for New Year (The whole process!)  plus a Flip Through in this video:

In case you liked a particular quote page here are some printables of these Quote Pages I showed you! Use them on your bullet journal, as a reference for your own quote page or a training for your Lettering/Calligraphy!!

printable quotes

I hope you enjoyed these Ideas To spice up your Bullet Journal with Quote Pages for New Year! I also wish you a Happy New Year in Advance and everything you deserve and wish for the next year! 

If you’d like to check more of my Content check @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube

If you Recreate any of these Quote Page Ideas don’t forget to tag me (@danosbujo) and @archerandolive,, #AOShare and #archerandolive.

See you next time!


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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Sabrina Mix

I loooved this video. So many bright ideas. Thanks for sharing! XOXO

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