Remote Contract Graphic Designer

Archer and Olive’s mission is to improve mental health through creativity and carve a space for art in the wellness world (even if you don’t think you’re creative).
Archer and Olive is looking for a contract graphic designer. This position has the potential to turn into a part time or full time position down the road. The contract graphic designer will be used on an as needed basis for stationery design, packaging design and product design. We are looking for a designer who has strong product design experience, strong illustration skills, font pairing/typography experience and technical layout abilities that will allow them to be able to set up art to specific production specs.
The candidate must be able to do the following while working remotely:Please Note: Please read through this entire listing as it mentions what type of material we need you to include in your submission. Any candidates who do not submit a portfolio will not be considered for this position. Thank you for understanding!
  • A strong understanding of the Archer and Olive brand.
  • Very experienced and very comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Create hand drawn illustrations in a variety of applications including vector illustrations and high resolution raster illustrations that are representative of the brand Archer and Olive.
  • Use Pantone colors when designing illustrations and layouts.
  • Strong attention to detail: can see when an item is off centered by a few points and always triple checks their work before submitting for final approval.
  • Ability to follow directive and asks questions if something seems unclear before starting a project.
  • Is familiar with using foiling and how to set up artwork for that application.
  • Can create a repeat pattern swatch in adobe illustrator.
  • Be able to follow production guidelines and set up art to be production ready. This includes but not limited to: merging and subtracting vectors so there are no overlapping shapes once viewed in outline mode, working with bleed, outlining fonts, embedding images, following a template, gutter allowances, creating call outs (example: foil call outs, Pantone call outs, measurement call outs etc), sizing art to certain dimensions and scale, creating uniquely shaped cut lines for sticker sheets etc.
  • Create packaging and understand packaging templates (understands safe area and trim area).
  • An understanding of font pairings and knows how to kern and change the leading on text.
  • Be able to work from home and manage their own workloads and deadlines.
  • Candidate must be able to hand in all work by the provided deadline so our projects can stay on track.
  • Follows the latest trends in design and the latest trends in the journaling/planner/stationery community.
  • Is open to receive feedback and revision requests when needed.
  • Create multiple page layouts in Indesign.
  • Strong communication skills: You ask questions and have a big picture mindset. You are a natural problem solver and try to find ways to work smarter not harder. If you think there is a more efficient way of doing something we encourage you to bring that to our attention.
  • Any work that the candidate creates for Archer and Olive must be original and will become the property of Archer and Olive, please do not use recycled art produced elsewhere if you are hired for this position.
  • You will report to the Creative Director.
This position might not be for you if:
  • You struggle with paying attention to details.
  • You struggle with time management and tend to procrastinate on projects. We are a product based business with hard deadlines that must be met for us to stay on track.
  • You have a lot of other deadline commitments outside of Archer and Olive which would cause you to not be able to complete your work on time.
  • You don’t like to ask questions when you are unsure about something and instead will go ahead and design first, ask questions later.
  • You have a difficult time following directions.
  • You have a distinct illustrative style that isn’t in line with Archer and Olive, and you would have a difficult time creating illustrations/designs that look like our brand.
  • You don’t have any technical skills and no experience in setting up artwork for production.
  • You don’t know what Pantone colors are and are unsure how to use Pantone colors in design softwares.
  • You don’t know how to set up your artwork in layers.
  • You find it hard to be disciplined with remote work.
  • You don’t double check your work and often have a lot of errors in your files.
  • You struggle with keeping your digital folders tidy.
  • You struggle with following workflows and processes.Please send with your resume:
  • Your custom illustrations - illustrations containing stock/bought images will not be considered.
Please only submit original artwork.
    • At least 2 examples of artwork set up for production that shows die lines (bonus points if it contains call outs and/or production notes as well).
    • Encouraged but not necessary: photos of your artwork as actual products.
    • Encouraged but not necessary: at least one example of layout design.
    • The last page of your resume should have the following information: your name in green letters, your years of experience in blue letters and the sentence “Creativity takes courage” in pink letters
Please note that this remote position does require the candidate to live with in the U.S.

Please send Complete Applications to