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Decembers's Theme is cozy cafe

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This collection was created to feel like you are walking around the cobblestone streets of a cute little town when snow starts to slowly fall down from the sky. You decide to wait out the snow by ducking into your favorite cafe. You grab a latte to warm yourself up and pull out your journaling supplies and create some magic at your bistro table as you watch the snow fall from the cafe window. 

The Cozy Cafe Box includes 2 notebooks, Set of 5 pens, and several other tools and accessories with a total retail value of $195.

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what's in the box?

B5 Dot Grid Notebook

Luxurious + Elevated. As you open this notebook you will notice the ribbon closure, gilding, ivory pages, and a unique surprise in the end pages. This is the perfect book to create your own “heirloom book” that gets passed down in your family.

B6 Dot Grid Notebook

This is a vegan leather + ring-bound notebook. Beyond your regular notebook uses, you can also use the pages to supplement your B5 velvet spreads or even for practice. The A-frame house is inspired by the scenery one may stumble upon while strolling through a quiet forest.

Translucent Die-Cut Stickers

Washi Tape - Set of 4

Acrylograph Paint Pens - Set of 5

Wooden Ruler

Letter Stamps + Ink Pad

These wooden vintage-inspired letter stamps are simple and timeless to go with any theme! These are a great tool to create a consistent look and feel throughout your theme, by using them for titles, months, days, quotes, etc. An ink pad is also included.

Raw Edge Ribbons 

These ribbons are for more than just timeless gift wrapping. They're the perfect way to add an heirloom touch! This can be cut and taped into your notebook using washi tape or tied into your notebook as a bookmark. You can also use it to tie around keepsakes or dried, pressed florals. Then be sure to keep them around for photographing your favorite pages.

Flower Press

Go on a nature walk and collect your findings. This floral press is perfect for flowers, petals, and leaves. The florals/leaves pressed can then be used to preserve the memory of the day. Simply attach the pressed florals/leaves using washi tape, mod podge, tied together with some ribbon, or even with a wax seal.