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5 Simple and Easy Running Tracker Spreads

by Ambassador Team 07 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Hi friends! This is Emily of Planned and Planted (IG & YouTube) from the A&O Ambassador Team here again. Today I want to show you all 5 minimalist spreads you can use to track exercise, whether that’s running, jogging, walking, biking etc. 

My partner is a runner and I was so excited to make him a running bullet journal to keep track of his goals and progress for the year. He didn’t want anything too fancy or overly complicated like some exercise bullet journal spreads out there, so I’m keeping all of these very easy, simple, and minimalist!

We were searching for a notebook that fits his vibe and were so stoked when Archer and Olive launched the Professional Collection. The black plaid notebook is right up his alley in terms of style. I added it to cart SO FAST!

A hand is holding up a pocket sized black plaid dot notebook.

Here’s everything I use to set up the running tracking spreads.

Supplies for Running Tracking Spreads

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Easy Running Tracker Spreads Video Tutorial

5 Minimalist Running Tracker Spreads For Your Bujo

1. Miles Ran Tracker

A hand is holding open a pocket sized notebook. On the notebook is a line graph set up to track how many miles are ran each month.

This is a fairly simple line graph that’s part of his overall, yearly trackers for his running goals. It’s set up as a line graph, with the total miles ran in increments of 3s along the y-axis, and each month along the x-axis on the bottom. 

The idea here is that every month, he will total up how many miles he ran for that month and add a little dot next to the number in the column for that month. As he adds dots each month, he will connect the lines with a straight edge. This will give him a quick overview of how is running habits change over the year.

2. Running Goal Tracker

A notebook is lying open on a desk. On the page are the words Goal Tracker at the top. Then there are 40 square , 8x5 with numbers labeled in increments of 5 up to 200 to track running goals.

I wanted to include some goal setting and tracking spreads for him as well for the yearly spreads in this journal.  I made a simple tracker of several little squares on the whole page. The grid is 8x5 squares, and with each square in increments of 5, it goes all the way up to 200 miles total. 

Every 5 miles he runs for the year, he will color in a square to visually see how close he gets to his goal. It’s a simple idea, but I’ve always found that spreads like this where I can fill something in like this is always weirdly motivational in a way you wouldn’t expect!

If you don’t want to spend the time making a whole bunch of squares in your bullet journal (it’s time consuming, I know!), I went ahead and made a digital version of this spread that you can download and print for FREE to use for your own exercise tracking purposes!

A free printable to download to track your fitness goals in your bullet journal.

3. Monthly Running Schedule and Miles Tracker

A pocket notebook is lying open on a desk. On the page is a small calendar spread for August 23 and a running goal tracker for the month.

Now we are getting into the monthly running tracking spreads. This first one starts with a generic calendar drawn in. The idea I had for this is that he could use this section to plan out how many miles he wanted to run on certain days to keep in line with his goals. 

He could also write in the totals after the fact as another way to see the data. I also thought he would notate if he was sick or traveling certain days to remind his future self why there may be periods of no running. There are lots of ways you could use this section, so we will see which ways end up working for him! That’s the beauty of bullet journaling. 

The second part of this page is a smaller version of the yearly running goal tracker, but in increments of one. Each time he runs during that month, he can go back to this page and color in one square for every one mile. It’s currently set at 40 total miles, but you could increase or decrease that number to fit your individual exercise goals.

4. Running Log

A run log bullet journal spread to track date, distance, time, and pace for runs each month.

This is a simple chart for him to quickly record and see the important stats that he tracks for his run: the date, distance, time, and pace. Although he has a more detailed spot for this data in the next spread, I wanted a quick log where he could more easily compare times, distances, and paces.

There’s also a space to total these for every month so that he can more easily compile totals at the end of a quarter or year.

5. Individual Running Stats and Notes

A notebook is lying open on a desk. Each page is divided into two sections. Each section has a place to track date, location, time, pace, weather, and additional notes about the run.

I’ve included mostly the same information here as I did for the running log chart; however, I’ve also added a few details, like location and weather, as well as a larger section to write any additional notes about the run. If there was much of an incline, if he was recovering from illness, if he noticed any pain or injuries, if he was running with a group or not. 

I wanted to have a space for this additional information because although the actual numbers for distance and time are important, there’s also so many other factors that can make a run better or worse! We didn’t think he’d need a full page for these notes, so I divided each page in half, which should be plenty of space. 

Other Fitness Tracking Spread Ideas

There you have it! Hopefully these spreads are simple and easy enough to generate some ideas for exercise tracking spreads in your bullet journal.

If you are looking for more ideas for tracking fitness and running in your bullet journal that are less minimalist, make sure to check out this blog post from my fellow ambassador, Erin.

As always, thanks for reading. And happy planning! 

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