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Best Bullet Journal Spreads for Caring for Indoor Plants

by Design Team 25 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Hey-lo, Marsha here from DoYouSalut! I've never been one for a green thumb but last year during the "stay at home" orders I became a plant lady. My plants became my coworkers and friends. My fellow plant lovers today we're going over some spreads that you might find helpful with caring for your indoor plants. Let's jump right in! 

Recommended supplies: 

Best Indoor Plants 

best indoor plants

There are so many different types of plants that can flourish indoors. Did you know there are plants that are shown to even help purify the air? Yup! So if you're feeling stressed, anxious or looking for a “pick me up”  plants can be a great addition to your home decor. Some great indoor plants include: dracaena, aloe vera, peace lily, and weeping figs. 

"The Line-Up"

plant care essentials

You might find it helpful to have a list of all your plants with basic information about them. Some important information include : the genus name, type of sunlight needed, watering frequency, how to water the plant, and anything special about the soil type. 

I name my plants, talk to them every morning, and play music for them. Did you know that plants like music and certain vibrations in their environment can either help them grow and die? 


Individual Plant Roster 

plant care tips

Each plant has information that is special to them. This spread can be helpful for you to know if something is wrong with your plant and how to treat it. If you have a lot of plants you can always do this spread for each plant family.  For example, the Girls (my cornstarch plant), and Namico, Lexi and all different types of dracaenas. They share some similarities and are different from my succulents. 

Pet friendly Plants

My plants are my pets, but I realize that people have animal pets that might eat their plants. For this reason it's important to make sure that any plant you bring home is pet friendly and not poisonous to your furry friends. 

Plant Doctor 

plant doc spread

As I mentioned before, my plants are like my pets. I like to stop by the local florist and ask them for tips on how to take care of my girls. If any of them start to look a little funny, I take a picture and ask the local florist for advice. 

The "Plant Doc" spread is a great way to keep track of where you can go to get information to help you better care for your plants.  I like to look at  IG accounts for inspiration. I also follow some flower shops.  There are a handful of apps that can come in handy to help you identify plant names. Websites and books are also a great source of information to learn more about your leafy babies! 

Enjoy this free printable of the plant doc spread to help make sure your beauties are flourishing. 

free printable

caring for indoor plants

Hope you found these ideas helpful. If you recreate any of these spreads or just want to share pictures of your lovely plants don’t hesitate to tag me at doyousalut. Also don’t forget to use the hashtag #aoshare or tag for a chance to be featured on our community page. 

Happy planting and Salut!

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