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Creating A Bullet Journal Monthly Review Page With Stamps

by Design Team 21 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Hey crew, it’s Mark from @Menwhobullet on Instagram and Youtube. One of my favorite parts of Bullet journaling is reflecting and looking back on memories. A monthly memory page is a great way to do that. In today’s blog, I’m going to share with you a quick and creative way to set up a monthly overview page.


A5 Archer & Olive Bullet Journal

Clear Bullet Journal Cover (in video, not needed)

“Spring” Acrylic Stamps

Acrylograph Pen(s)

Pen, Marker, or Multiliner

Stamp Ink

Step 1: Page Title

Write in your header for your page. In this spread, it is a monthly review of my favorite items. I’ve chosen to call out Highlights, Fav’s, and Challenges from the month.

Step 2: Page Layout

With those in mind, you can break down your page into 4 quadrants. The top left is for highlights, top right is Fav’s, the bottom left is Challenges, and bottom-right can be for some decoration. In this design, I am going to be using the Spring Collection Acrylic Stamp set.

Step 3: Stamps

I like to take out my stamps first and make sure that I know what I am going to do. I love laying them out on the page (without ink) to get an idea of how I am going to lay them out on the page. 


This is actually a great tip that I got from the Facebook Community. If you aren’t super confident in your drawing skills, you can use the stamps as a base and then add your special colors over top of the ink.

Acrylograph details

Now that you have your page laid out, you can start adding your monthly memories to the page and create something to come back to in the future to look back and reflect on your path.

overview page

Watch me create this page here and plan along with me here:

And finally, don't forget to grab your FREE monthly review template here!

printable review page


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