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Declutter Your Desk & Color Your World with Our New Releases!

Hi Everyone! We are so excited to share some exciting additions to the store coming on Wednesday, April 12th!

First, we have new Creativity Cases, the perfect storage solutions for your journal and stationery supplies at home and on-the-go.

We also have some more additions to our Everyday Essentials, keeping you stocked up on stationery essentials you’ll want to use again and again!

We are also inviting you to Declutter Your Desk & Color Your World with us from April 12th-19th. Learn more about how to get involved!

But first, here are the new releases coming to the store:


Creativity Cases

Available in three colors, stylishly store your journaling accessories all in one place with our new Creativity Cases!

Creativity Case Grey
Creativity Case Mint
Creativity Case Teal

Archer and Olive Creativity Cases

The inside of every Creativity Case features:
28 pen loops that can fit Acrylographs, Calliographs, and Tombows
3 small mesh pockets
1 medium mesh pocket
1 B5-sized mesh pocket
2 straps that can fit up 10 rolls of washi tape
Fits B5, A5, B6, A6, TN, and SQ Notebooks

Creativity Case Inside Pockets
Creativity Case Inside Pens
Creativity Case Inside Washi

Archer and Olive Creativity Cases

Perfect as storage for your bullet journals, Acrylograph pens, washi tape, wax seals, stamps, and much more, this craft storage case is ideal for keeping all of your stationery and journaling accessories protected on-the-go. You can even repurpose this case as a makeup or travel bag!

Everyday essentials

In our goal to round out our product selection to make sure you can grab your favorite items all the time, we have some new additions to our Everyday Essentials.

Washi Tape

First, we have three new monochrome washi tape sets. Each set has four shades of washi tape - perfect for layering in scrapbooking and color coding your planner.

Creativity Case Grey
Creativity Case Mint
Creativity Case Teal

Archer and Olive - Washi Tape

We also have a new floral set “Field of Flowers” coming to the Everyday Essentials.

Everyday Florals Washi

Archer and Olive - Everyday Florals Washi

These gorgeous designs feature a variety of florals to fit all your creative needs. Add them to your planner or bullet journal spreads to make your Archer & Olive journal pages pop and stand out.

Planning Stickers

Introducing the Everyday Planner Stickers, the perfect accessory to add some color and organization to your journal or planner!

 Everyday Planner Stickers Field Of Colors
 Everyday Planner Stickers Ocean Breeze
 Everyday Planner Stickers Sunny Glow
 Everyday Planner Stickers Blush

Archer and Olive Everyday Planner Stickers

In a range of pinks, blues and yellows, these stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all your planning needs. 

Black Acrylograph Set

Archer and Olive Everyday Planner Spread

From small circles for marking important dates to boxes for writing out tasks, these stickers will make planning and organizing your day-to-day life a breeze.

Pastel Calliographs

Next, our Pastel Calliographs are dual-tipped brush pens, perfect for brush pen hand lettering, but are also great for highlighting, coloring and blending. 

Archer and Olive Pastel Calliographs
Archer and Olive Pastel Calliographs

Archer and Olive Pastel Calliographs

Each has a large brush pen, with a fine tip brush pen on the other side, and is everything you need for calligraphy practice, faux calligraphy, study notes and detailed drawings.

Archer and Olive Pastel Calliographs
Archer and Olive Pastel Calliographs

Archer and Olive Pastel Calliographs Swatches

This set is particularly perfect for highlighting and color coding your spreads!

Gel Pens

Last, but definitely not least, we’re bringing back our Gel Pens

Archer and Olive Gel Pens
Archer and Olive Gel Pens

Archer and Olive Gel Pens

These gel pens are the perfect companion for your journal, notebook, or planner. Get creative with journaling, drawing, fine details, lettering, or for your daily writing and to do lists!

Archer and Olive Gel Pens

Archer and Olive Gel Pens On Blackout

They work amazing on not only white paper, but are perfectly opaque for black and colored paper too!


You may notice that these products are geared towards getting organized (in your workspace AND your journals), so we are inviting you to Declutter Your Desk & Color Your World with us from April 12th - 19th. Throughout the week, A&O will be providing inspiration to get involved, so read on to learn more about how decluttering can improve your mental wellness!

The Benefits of Decluttering for Mental Wellness

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed by your workspace? Maybe your muddled drawers and growing supplies make it hard to find the specific items you need? Or is it hard to look at your busy to do lists and know where to start? If so, it might be time to declutter and organize your workspace.

A cluttered workspace can contribute to feelings of stress, anxiety, and a lack of focus. It can make it difficult to concentrate and prevent you from being productive or creative. Therefore, from April 12th - 19th we invite you to declutter your workspace with us, creating a more peaceful and productive environment by providing an instant positive impact on your mental wellness.

Not sure whether to get involved? Here are some of the benefits of decluttering:

  • Reduces stress: Clutter can create a sense of chaos and overwhelm, which can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. Decluttering can help you feel more in control by creating a more organized and calming living environment.
  • Increases focus and productivity: When you have a clear workspace, it's easier to focus on the task at hand. Creating a clearer space will eliminate distractions, which can boost your productivity.
  • Boosts creativity: A cluttered space can prevent you from feeling creative. Having a clean and organized workspace means you can get going straight away when new ideas and inspiration strikes.
  • Improves mental clarity: Letting go of unneeded possessions can promote a sense of control and empowerment over your surroundings. Being surrounded by clutter can make you feel overwhelmed, impacting all aspects of your day. By removing clutter you can promote a sense of relaxation and calmness in your workspace.

So how can you get involved?

Get involved by decluttering your space with us! If you’re struggling to know where to start, here are some easy ideas to start decluttering your workspace:

  • Start small! Set aside 15 minutes each day to declutter: You don't need to tackle your entire workspace at once. By setting aside an achievable amount of time each day to declutter and organize your desk, you can make progress without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Clear your immediate workspace: This means clear the areas you most use, allowing yourself to see progress and motivate you to declutter more difficult areas such as drawers.
  • Eliminate duplicates: Do you have two staplers or three pairs of scissors in your workspace? Eliminate unnecessary duplicates and keep only what you need in your immediate vicinity.
  • Organize your cables: It is not just stationery that clutters your workspace, cables and cords can also make your desk look disorganized. Invest in cable organizers to keep them out of the way.
  • Declutter your computer desktop: Your computer can become just as cluttered as your physical workspace. Delete any unused files and organize your folders to keep your virtual workspace tidy.

These five small steps can get you started, but it is also important to create manageable systems for incoming items. It is likely that you will acquire more stationery, so keep that in mind while you organize your current workspace. This can mean investing in new storage solutions, or having dedicated places on your drawers for each item to prevent them from taking over your workspace.

Make sure to check out the site on Wednesday, April 12th for all the new products coming to the store, and we look forward to seeing you get involved with our Declutter Week! If you do, make sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube at @archerandolive, and use the hashtag #AODeclutter so we can see and share your organized workspaces!

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