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First Look At Everything Coming In The Summer Mini Launch

by Content Team 21 May 2022 13 Comments

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Hi everyone! We are so excited to announce our first ever SUMMER launch!! Mark your calendars now for Tuesday 24th May at 9am CT!

You may know that our biggest launches of the year are our Spring and Fall launch, but this year we're slowly extending this by adding a smaller Summer and Winter launch.

Summer 2022 has ALREADY grown since our Winter 2021, and if you enjoy it we hope for them to continue to grow! And don't forget we will be bringing back the favorites at the end of the year so let us know what you loved the most in this collection!

So without further ado, here is what's coming in our Summer Mini Launch:



summer box

In this summer launch, there will be four new designs, in STUNNING bright summery colors:

archer and olive summer notebooks

For this mini launch, each design will come in our most popular sizes: B5, A5 and Travellers, with the pages all white dot grid. Which one is your favorite?

  A5 B5 Travellers
Lighthouse lighthouse A5 lighthouse b5 lighthouse TN
Beachball beachball A5 beachball B5 beachball TN
Cocktail cocktail a5 cocktail B5 cocktail TN
Narwhal narwhal Narwhal B5 Narwhal TN



Accompanying these gorgeous notebooks are some super summery accessories. 



First up, notepads! We shared a video last year of all the rejected products, and one that really caught your eye was a pastel notepad. Therefore, we worked on fixing the color issues and bring you this perfect summer pastel notepad:

pastel notepad

pastel notepad colors 

If you're looking for more bold and bright colors, this Tutti Fruity notebook may just be the one for you:

tutti fruity notepad

notepad colors

The notepads are perfect to brighten up your desk to keep beside you for notes, or to add color to your planner/bullet journal spreads!


With this mini launch, we needed a mini pack of pens!

summer pen pack

These are all new colors, and perfect to bring summer into to any notebook:

pen swatches


bullet journal ruler

Next, we reworked our popular ruler! We were so happy you loved the cardboard ruler and stencil we offered last year, so we took your feedback and turned it into something a little more durable. This can be used on any size notebook, helping you to quickly count dots to create boxes, spreads and layouts! And it's still lightweight and small enough to pop in the pocket at the back!



The ultimate way to bring summer into your journal or planner this year is with these gorgeous stickers sets. There are three sets to choose from, each printed on matte paper to blend seamlessly on your Archer and Olive notebooks.

Simply pick a set that suits your craft/planning style:

floral stickers

The summer florals set is always a classic! Or get help with a bullet journal theme with our summer set:

summer theme

Or if you like to keep it just to planning, this set is super useful and can still bring some summer colors into your planner:

planning sticker set

Washi Tape

Finally, it summer without some washi! This set incorporates all the gorgeous designs in this collection:

summer Washi Tape

summer Washi Tape swatched

If something here catches your eye, make sure to check out the website at on 24th May at 9am CT! Also share your picks with us over on Instagram by tagging @archerandolive, and #archerandolive!

Happy Summer!

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25 Aug 2022 Cie Patterson

Oh my. I see I’ll have to set aside some funds here…. Just lovely.

25 Aug 2022 Carol

Omg yes!!! So excited for the pastel notebook and ruler!! Thank you for listening to us!! 😍

25 Aug 2022 Carol

Omg yes!!! So excited for the pastel notebook and ruler!! Thank you for listening to us!! 😍

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