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First Look - Spring Collection 2022 Launch

by Design Team 20 Feb 2022 14 Comments

Hi everyone! Last year people really enjoyed our blog showing EVERYTHING from the Fall 2021 launch, so we thought we would do that again for our next big launch, SPRING!

To prepare yourself, we have created a shopping list, that contains all the new notebooks and sizes! We also will still have the 20.22 Spring Cleaning Sale ongoing throughout the launch of the Spring Collection, so make sure to add those to your cart for additional savings.

The Spring 2022 Collection will launch on 2.22.2022 (yes, we had to celebrate all the 2's)! Following some feedback, we have also decided to test out a different launch time. Of course still tying it in with the theme, Spring will launch at 2:22pm CST. Shop the collection NOW!

To make it easier to shop, we have some automatic discounts that will be available on the day. It will be on a spend more/save more concept:

Spend $75 and save 5%

Spend $100 and save 10%

Spend $150 and save 15%

Spend $200 and save 22%

Discount codes will not be able to be stacked, BUT you will be able to select if you would like to use the automatic discount versus using an affiliate code to support our incredible network of affiliates or even our amazing design team members.


So let's see what's launching:

There are 6 NEW lines we are launching on the 22nd;

In each line, there is variety of products, including notebooks and stationery accessories.


The Notebooks

We have 2 new sizes of Notebooks available, the Letter Sized notebooks from the second Sub Box, which are 8.5"x11" and the tiny Pocket Sized notebooks from the Geometric Subscription Box. We only physically got our hands on the Pocket Notebooks after we had sent out the sneaks and much to our suprise they were NOT the A6's we originally ordered but the tiny notebook sizes from the subscription box. We apologise for any confusion, and confirm those are Pocket Sized at 3.5 x 5.5".

Alongside the new Letter and Pocket, we have all the most popular sizes from our previous launches, read on to see the sizes available for each design. There is also a selection of both Fabric/Linen Covers and Faux Leather covers


Brand New Pens

We have both the Acrylograph Pens (acrylic paint pens) and Calliograph Pens (dual-tipped brush pens) both launching in two color palettes. The palettes are called Flourish and Blossom, containing stunning colors with a gorgeous spring feel.



For each line, there are some gorgeous accompanying stationery accessories. Each of the 6 new lines have Washi Tape, 2 sets of Matte Stickers, a Sticker Roll and a gorgeous matching Pencil Pouch.


What's In Each Product Line?

Mother Moon

Mother Moon is a playful twist on our very first Quarterly Subscription Box notebook: the Fairy. Mother Moon is faux leather and comes in the following sizes:

A5 with 192 Pages 
B5 Notebook
B6 Notebook
Travellers Notebook


Mother moon comes with a really fun sparkle pencil/pen pouch, as well as the following accessories:


Mermaid Magic

Another playful twist on our original subscription box design, with the stunning mermaid pen pouch as the concept for this fun set. Mermaid magic embodies under-the-sea fun!

Mermaid Magic is a faux leather cover and comes in a variety of sizes:

A5 with 192 Pages
B5 Notebook
B6 Notebook
Travellers Notebook
A5 Lined Notebook
Letter Sized Notebook
Pocket Sized Notebook


Late Spring Firefly

This gorgeous collection embodies the later evenings of spring, with the gorgeous flicker and sparkle of fireflies. 

Late Spring Firefly is a linen cover and comes in the follow notebook sizes:

A5 with 192 Pages
B5 Notebook
B6 Notebook
Travellers Notebook
A5 Lined Notebook
Letter Sized Notebook
Pocket Sized Notebook



Mother Earth (Mushrooms)

As the cold winter frost moves aside, mushrooms start popping up, providing refuge to small creatures. There is a stunning mushroom styled pouch with these, and the accessories are adorable. 

Mother Earth is faux leather comes in the following sizes:

A5 with 192 Pages
B5 Notebook
Travellers Notebook
A5 Lined Notebook
Letter Sized Notebook
Pocket Sized Notebook


The Bee Keeper

This selection celebrates the importance of our ecosystems special workers, the Bee. The stunning gold foil matte stickers are a gorgeous addition to the spring launch.

Bee Keeper is a linen cover and comes in A5 with 192 Pages only.

Spring Butterflies

This whimsical collection is a soft pastel pink and sparkles! These gentle butterflies remind us of the beauty and mindfulness that comes with spring

Spring Butterflies is a sparkle linen cover and comes in A5 with 192 Pages only.


Digital Collection

And of course, we wanted to launch something for our digital creators! We have a stunning selection of digital assets which include a color palette and .png digital stickers to use in a variety of formats. You can buy these as a full bundle or as separate elements based on your needs and preferences.


If something here catches your eye, make sure to check out the website at 2:22pm CT on 2.22.22! Also share your picks with us over on Instagram by tagging!

Happy Spring!


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22 Feb 2022 amk

Beautiful! Will there be any 8×8 square journals appearing anytime soon?! 😭✨🙏🏼✨

22 Feb 2022 nikki

Great job! I love all of these and can’t wait to update my collection!!!

22 Feb 2022 Alexa

These are really cute!

22 Feb 2022 Nicole

I cannot wait to receive the Spring Subscription Box. These all look amazing!

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