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Hi everyone! We are so excited to fully reveal all the items in the March 2023 Subscription Box: Charming Picnic. New subscribers will be able to get the box March 6th at 9am CT!!

The best part about receiving a subscription box is the chance to try new stationery items. We always try to include some new products, designs, and options every quarter.

This collection was created to inspire you to get outside and enjoy warmer weather after a long winter. As you open the box, we want it to feel like you’ve just laid out a picnic blanket on the grassy field of your favorite park, and opened up a wicker basket full of yummy treats and adorable activities for the afternoon. There’s a fresh spring breeze in the air, sun shining through the trees, and flowers blooming all over. Sipping on a strawberry lemonade, you feel inspired enough to open your journal and create some magic.

The items in this box are intended for when you want to use your books and supplies in a very intentional and unique way—maybe by creating spring crafts, mindful journaling, or something important to your wellness journey.

If you haven't received your box yet, don't worry! You can easily plan out ideas for your new supplies by reading this blog. Excited to get creative? Then let's jump right into the box!

What’s In The March Sub Box? 

The team was inspired by charcuterie boards, picnic baskets, strawberry vines, and blooming flowers. When you open your box, we want you to feel transported to a sunny spring day spent picnicking outdoors.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • B5 Vegan Leather Embroidered Notebook With White Dot Grid Pages
  • A6 Vegan Leather Notebook With Light Greige Dot Grid Pages
  • Mini “Picnic-In-A-Box” Set of 10 Stickers
  • "Life is a Picnic” Set of 7 Stamps & Inkpad
  • Set of 8 Solar Paper Sheets
  • Set of 2 Collapsible Picnic Crates
  • Set of 5 Calliographs
  • Set Of 4 Washi Tapes
  • Set of 10 Creative Affirmation Cards

Inside the box you’ll find:

B5 Vegan Leather Embroidered Notebook - Ladybug Flight

We know that many of you have wanted to find a B5 notebook in our subscription boxes again, so we thought it would be nice to make this one an extra special version of our signature size!

Archer and Olive Notebook - Ladybug Flight Design

Archer and Olive Notebook - Ladybug Flight Design

The cover of this notebook features a strawberry vine and ladybug design, inspired by the landscape of blooming strawberry patches in the spring. The design is embroidered into the marigold vegan leather cover of each notebook. We wanted the look and feel of the notebook to be reminiscent of an embroidered patch on a cozy quilt. The pages inside are white dot grid, which is perfect for intentional bullet journaling, note taking, or planning.

A6 Vegan Leather Notebook - Picnic Blanket Design

Next up, our second journal in the box is an A6 dot grid journal. To complement the larger book in the box, we've included a cute and approachable option for everyday bullet journalers.

Archer and Olive Notebook - Picnic Blanket Design

Archer and Olive Notebook - Picnic Blanket Design

The cover is made from vegan leather with a gorgeous picnic blanket print design. The inside of the notebook features light greige dot grid pages. It’s a beautiful journal that's made for lovers of picnics and we hope that it instantly sparks inspiration.

Picnic Crates

We’re so excited to share that this time around, we added these sturdy collapsible picnic crates to the box! Not only do these crates fold down fully and stack on top of each other for easy storage, but they can also be effortlessly built back up and stacked together.

Archer and Olive - Picnic Crates
Archer and Olive - Picnic Crates

Archer and Olive - Picnic Crates

It’s a perfect place to store washi tape or other bullet journal accessories on your desk. You can even take them outside and store any flowers or leaves you find on your picnic!

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Charming Picnic Calliograph Set

Calliograph pens are everything you need for decorative lettering and detailed drawings, making them the perfect companion to your journal, notebook, planner, or art projects. We included a set of Calliograph pens that match the muted spring tones found throughout the box.

Archer and Olive - Charming Picnic Calliograph Set

Archer and Olive - Charming Picnic Calliograph Set

This set of Calliograph pens includes 5 shades:
Stone Blue
Lily Pad
Pink Lemonade
Linen Gray

Archer and Olive - Charming Picnic Calliograph Set Swatches

Archer and Olive - Charming Picnic Calliograph Set Swatches

Here are all the pens swatched so you can see the gorgeous color palette.

Tiny Picnic-In-A-Box Stickers Set

Next up, we wanted to include a playful twist on our picnic theme - by using a “tiny picnic-in-a-box” to hold all of our stickers! When you open up the mini picnic basket, you’ll find 10 die-cut matte stickers and a sheet of paper with a picnic blanket print that you can use to decorate spring crafts.

Archer and Olive - Picnic Sticker Set

Archer and Olive - Picnic Sticker Set

The stickers are full of sweet picnic motifs, like charcuterie boards, strawberry lemonade, and vintage glasses. It’s the perfect way to add a darling touch to your journal or scrapbook this spring.

Solar Paper Sheets

Perfect for a spring craft on a sunny day, this box contains a set of 8 solar paper sheets! Making art with nature is a great way to practice mindfulness and creativity outdoors.

Solar Paper Sheets

Archer and Olive Metal - Solar Paper Sheets

As you spend time outside, gather items that inspire you, like intricate leaves or interesting flowers. Then follow the instructions included with the solar paper or below to create beautiful sun art that you can use to decorate your notebooks and scrapbook pages.

Here are the instructions for creating solar paper art with the materials included in the box:

Step 1: Gather all supplies needed– florals, natural elements, shapes cut from paper, stationery supplies, anything that has an interesting shape can be used! Items with some translucency, like flower petals also result in a beautiful effect and are fun to play with.

Step 2: In a dark part of your home, open your black bag so you don’t accidentally expose your solar paper to light prematurely. Pull the acrylic sheet out, re-seal the black bag, and remove the protective liner from both sides of the acrylic sheet so that it’s nice and clear.

Step 3: Take some time to think about how you want to arrange your elements on your paper and make a plan. Get creative, experiment with composition, and be ready to go when it’s time to pull your solar paper out!

Step 4: In a dark part of your home, pull out one sheet of solar paper. Make sure the slightly speckled side of the paper is face up - this is the side that has the treatment on it. We recommend using a cookie sheet or large book to put your paper on, something that is stiff and easy to carry from one location to another without messing up your arrangement.

Step 5: Then, begin arranging your materials onto the paper in your pre-planned design. Even if it’s not directly in the sun, the paper is already being exposed to light at this point, so try your best to work fairly quickly. After your design has been arranged, lay the acrylic sheet on top of your materials, to hold everything in place, as things tend to blow around a bit, especially if you’re doing this outside!

Step 6: Depending on how strong the UV light is at the moment, place your design in direct sunlight for around 2-12 minutes. Remember, the stronger the UV light, the shorter the exposure time! A good place to start would be about 5 minutes, but a cloudy day might require 10 minutes or more. This can even be done inside your home by using direct window light.

Step 7: After time is up, take the materials off and run your solar paper under water in the sink, or put it in a water bath for 5-7 minutes. If the solar paper is in a water bath, shake the solar paper vigorously to make sure that you get all the chemicals out of the paper.

Step 8: Lay the paper on cloth, or hang the paper up to let it dry completely for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 9: Finally, frame your design, because it’s probably really cool! You can even cut it out and use it as part of a collage in your journal. Let your creative juices shine bright!

Life Is A Picnic Stamps

To go with the theme of printing, we’ve also included a set of wooden stamps that you can use to easily press and print designs onto the solar paper sheets or decorate the pages of your journal with. 

Stamp Set

Archer and Olive - Stamp Set

The set brings 7 wooden stamps inspired by spring flowers and a gray ink pad that blends seamlessly with any project.

Amuse Bouche Box

As a special thanks for being a sub box subscriber, our founder Bonnie wanted to put together a sweet treat that pairs perfectly with the rest of the box. Inspired by the ongoing picnic theme, Bonnie created some items you can use to accessorize or add onto the experience of the box.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape Set 

We really wanted the washi tape to fit into the picnic theme of the box . The designs are full of adorable patterns that are reminiscent of picnic blankets, strawberry fields, ladybugs, and delicate florals.

Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Washi Tape

It’s the perfect way to bring the feeling of a spring day into the pages of your notebook!

Creative Affirmation Cards

Last but not least, we knew straight away we had to include this set of creative affirmation cards! Each card includes a small affirmation for your creativity and encourages self-care and confidence in your art. 

Creative Affirmation Cards

Archer and Olive - Creative Affirmation Cards

We encourage you to take the cards with you on the go, shuffle through them, and pull cards to provide guidance and inspiration for your creative journey.

And that's everything in the box!! To see a full unboxing of the box and each item in detail, make sure to head here:

March 2023 Subscription Box Unboxing

We hope you love this box just as much as we do. Remember you can subscribe March 6th at 9am CT and you will receive this box! We would love for you to tag us at @archerandolive with #AOshare on Instagram so we can see your creations! Hope you have a magical day!

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