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Get Started With Creative Journaling With The Mint Gardener

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to talk about the creative journal tools we are launching on 10/26.

Together with Sarah Simon from The Mint Gardener, we have curated a unique journal for people of all levels of creative experience. Whether you are a beginner in art unsure of where to start, a creative wanting to try out new mediums, or an art professional in need of a daily practice towards artistic freedom - this journal is for you!

Alongside the journal we are launching some tools to help you get started. Let's jump into it!

 The Creative Way

The Creative Way Journal, designed by Sarah Simon, is a 8x8 guided journal filled with 10 unique artist exercises designed to encourage inspiration, challenge your creativity, and foster community. 

light blue embossed creative journal cover

Archer and Olive - The Creative Way Cover

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The cover of this art notebook features a stunning embossed floral design inspired by Sarah’s art on a mint vegan leather cover. Containing our regular 160gsm paper, it handles most mediums so you can relax and create with ease as you work through each exercise!

exercise one and instructions
welcome page

Example of the Yearly and Monthly spread layouts in the Archer and Olive Dated Planners

Each artistic exercise found inside takes you on a creative journey that is ideal for beginners and experienced artists alike. If you’ve been lacking inspiration, want a new perspective on creative wellness, or wish to practice mindfulness through creativity, then this art workbook is made for you.

If you want to learn more about the Creative Way Journal, the intention behind it and the process of creative journaling, watch this video by Sarah herself:

The Mint Gardener Watercolors

Alongside The Creative Way, Sarah has handpicked four stunning new shades (Rosewood, Storm, Golden, Buff Cream) for a 4 Pan Watercolor Set. This palette has been curated to pair perfectly with The Creative Way Journal and The Mint Gardener Acrylograph Collection.

four pan watercolor palette

4 Pan Watercolor Palette

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Featuring the three primary colors and a light blush, this palette with allow you to mix and create any color to help your project come to life.

watercolor swatches

New Watercolor Palette Swatches

Acrylograph Pen Set

Finally, have everything you need to get started with a creative journal with our new set of 0.7mm Acrylograph Pens!

mint gardener pen set

Mint Gardener Acrylograph Pens

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To compliment The Creative Way Journal, Sarah has picked 5 new colors: Unicorn Blush, Buff Cream, Mint Deep, Blue Gray, and Blue Deep.

Acrylograph pen swatches

Mint Gardener Acrylograph Pen Swatches

Looking for more from The Mint Gardener, check out our collaboration on Dot Grid Notebook designs earlier this year! And even get a special 20% off discount on launch day!

We really hope this launch inspires you to be creative! Make sure to check out the website on the 26th October at 9am to see all the new items! And don't forget to have a look through our recently launched Halloween Collection or August Reset Collection to check for any Halloween, Fall or Bring Back The Favorite goodies you need to add to your wishlist!


  • marlene pechuraJan 30, 2023

    Excited & can’t wait until 10.26.22!!!

  • Malika Jan 30, 2023

    I’m excited for this

  • AndreaJan 30, 2023

    Such a wonderful collection! So excited for this

  • Blanca LaraOct 24, 2022

    Love these ítems.

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