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How To Decorate A Mirror With Acrylic Paint Pens

by Ambassador Team 05 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever come across those really pretty and aesthetic painted mirrors on Instagram or Pinterest? Have you been wanting to create one but don’t know how to make one? Or do you just want to add a little aesthetic to your room? Well, hop on in to learn how I create painted mirrors using the acrylograph pens from A&O on my small asymmetrical mirror!

Mirror Art 101!

Hello! I’m Viv from @bujowmee on Instagram/YouTube here talking about mirror art! I only recently got into painting my mirrors using acrylic paint and it makes the room look so colorful and aesthetic! You can switch the art on your mirror every season or just stick to one minimalist design for the year! I’ll be talking you through the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of mirror art, as well as having a look into different designs you can create on your mirror based on the different seasons and festivities of the year!

Supplies For Mirror Art!

For our mirror art today, I used the equipment below which you may also find helpful in recreating any of the designs! Remember you can always use my code VIV10 for 10% off on all your orders at Archer and Olive; we love ourselves a little discount!

  • A Mirror (any size would work!)

  • Acrylographs from A&O

  • A nail polish remover and a rag/paper towel for any mistakes you make

    • optional if you think you won’t make any and are blessed with a very steady hand! (unlike me :’D)

A visual person rather than a reader? For a quick review of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the mirror art, check out the video below!

But…what is it?

Before we, and I mean me, get too ahead of ourselves, it’s probably better to cover what mirror art actually is. Mirror art is literally what it means, painting/creating a design on your mirror! Since you have a mirror as your canvas, it lets you experiment with the design, be it minimalistic, a little on the corners, or maximalist if, cover every cover of the mirror. Throughout this blog, I will be giving you a bunch of different ideas based on the seasons and also some minimalistic designs that you could use throughout the year to spice things up a little!✨

Reel for the picture above!

There are many different styles of painting on a mirror! The most common one is to use acrylic paint, but using acrylographs is a much quicker alternative! I’ve tried both methods and can definitely say that acrylographs save you a lot of time. Acrylographs are also a better option for sticking with line art and more intricate details. Below are some examples of mirror art I’ve made before along with art from other artists to give you a variety of choices to choose from! :)

The mirror art by @fatimaart_ above gives off a fall-ish vibe and is perfect if you’re looking for similar vibes for this season! The entire color scheme for this mirror is also very warm. If you do wish to recreate something similar to this, you can try using the Blossom collection since they have colors similar to this! This mirror is also a circle in shape which is different from my asymmetrical mirror that I used, which makes it a perfect reference if you wish to try doing mirror art on a circle-shaped mirror!

The art above by @artistically.__.yours is a perfect example for creating mirrors that give out a spring vibe! The flowers along with the bees show a sign of the start of spring where nature is blooming and just waking up from winter! It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons in the entire year and is amazing to portray on a mirror. The colors used in this mirror are also colors that are associated with happiness, making it a form of affirmation to wake up to everyday! Another example of flowers on mirrors is the one below by the same artist! For some reason, the flowers below remind me of the rain and can be a good reference for when you want to change your mirror to something related to the rain but also keep it flowery in theme.

Below is another example of mirror art that you can use in spring which I made, but also keep it for any other season since it is not particularly bound to a theme or season.

The mirror art below is something you can try if you wish to go for a more minimalistic style for the rest of the year and don’t wish to change it. The style for this mirror is rather minimalistic compared to every other mirror art I’ve shown you today. It can be created within thirty minutes, using only three-four colors! It is a definitely a go-to for me since I am usually busy with classes and don’t really get the time to create intricate designs very often. I also decided to add a song to the mirror, as a part of the design, but you can also add the word of the year or a quote you love!

But how does one even..?

Working on a mirror is the same as working on a canvas! The best part about creating art on a mirror is that you can erase your mistakes easily. Below are the steps for the designs I created in my youtube video above! If you’re more of a visual person, feel free to skip reading this and go directly to the photo below this paragraph for the steps. For everybody who’d read and refer, follow the steps below the photo!

  • Step 1: Pick out your colors! 

    • Grab three-four colors which have the same color as the base or different colors that you think complement each other! You can also choose to include white in those, or not use it at all.

    • For me, I decided to stick with brown as my base color and used colors from the Cool-Fall collection and the Amanda Rach Lee x Archer & Olive collection!

  • Step 2: Designs!

    • The designs that I used in the video are really simple and fluid. I started with a dark shade in the innermost part of it, and then move to lighter shades moving outwards. Again, you can change the order to anything you’d like!

  • Step 3: Add some accents!

    • All you need to do for this step is to add little designs near or along the border of the designs you’ve made!

And that’s all there is to how you can create art on your mirror using Acrylographs!


But what if I make a mistake..?

The best part about using a mirror as your canvas is that it’s easy to erase! I’ve erased my mirror at least three times before I could decide on what colors I wanted to use. The best/easiest way to erase any mistakes on your mirror is to use a nail polish remover and a paper towel. If you feel like it didn’t erase as properly as you would’ve wished it would, you can always wipe it again with water and a paper towel!

Again, if you’d like to see how I created the mirror above, it’s in the video on the top of the blog! The steps I use are just the same as the steps I've written in this blog. 

Here is a printable with designs from the floral mirror I created if you wish to use it on your mirror or even in your journal!

There are many ways to create art on a mirror I hope you’ve found the ideas in this blog post to be helpful; I hope you’re excited to change the aesthetic of your room and your mirror! Feel free to tag me, @bujowmee, @archerandolive,, #AOShare, and #archerandolive in your mirror arts related to this blog on Instagram.

If you want to explore some more fun projects you can do with the Acrylograph Pens, check out this blog on all the different surfaces you can use acrylic pens on here!

We can’t wait to see what you create! :))

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