SPOILER ALERT! First Look at the September 2023 Subscription Box: Vintage Library

Hi everyone! We recently shared with you our renewed commitments for the Archer and Olive Quarterly Subscription. The subscription program has truly pushed the team to grow and learn so much in the past few years, and with the latest customer feedback we have been able to apply this to our processes to ensure we bring you the best experiences each quarter.

Here is a quick reminder of our commitments going forward:

1. We confirmed the expectations of the box, letting you know that boxes will contain unique and exclusive items, at least two notebooks and tools for journaling and creativity. Subscribers also receive a special coupon code each quarter (which will now be included IN your box).

2. Following our survey feedback, we will be doing away with the sneaky experience for good. Instead, we will be sending an opt-in image that represents the theme and reveals some products. Our survey identified the large majority of subscribers would like to see 3-4 products to assess their interest in the box each quarter. We hope this new delivery method will alleviate any stress, allow people to better avoid spoilers and provide information to confirm your interest in the theme while preserving the excitement and mystery a subscription offers.

3. We will no longer be offering the option to pause or skip, as it is becoming harder to predict inventory. If you decide you would like to pass on a box for any reason, you are able to cancel your subscription at any time. If you later decide you would like the box, you can resubscribe when it’s open to new customers, while supplies last.

So following those commitments, today we will be showing you FOUR items in the upcoming September 2023 Vintage Library Subscription Box.


And remember, this is just the beginning! Some of our very favorites will be a surprise to all.

We hope this reveal has sparked your excitement for the box, and that you are looking forward to it arriving in September.

For current subscribers, billing and shipping will begin September 1, 2023.

WANT THIS BOX? Stay tuned for the date this will be available to a limited number of new subscribers. 


  • Erica FieldsAug 24, 2023

    I very much feel as though my comments were input into the decision on how to put this sub together.

  • Filipa TabuaçoAug 24, 2023

    WOW! As a long term subscriber (and client)… I might say that this is probably the best box! Can’t wait to see the rest of the items.

  • CarriAug 24, 2023

    Swoon!! I agree with everyone!!

  • MelisaAug 24, 2023

    WHY did I cancel my subscription last month!? Here’s hoping I can get in on this 😭

  • JustinAug 24, 2023

    This is PEAK Archer and Olive! This box is so exciting OMG!

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