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Unique Fall Card Making Ideas To Try At Home

by Design Team 23 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Hi friends, I’m Robin also known as Crafty Planner Queen you can find me on Instagram @craftyplanner_queen. Please don’t forget to use my affiliate code (CPQ10) to receive discounts on your Archer & Olive purchases. As a planner/crafting addict I enjoy sending happy mail and participating in paper crafting swaps. My all time favorite paper craft is card making. I love it so much because it’s easy, fun , and endearing to send handcrafted goodies to friends and family. So add this holiday craft to your list of things to try and I hope my tips help you improve your experience. 

fall card making

In this blog, I will be explaining my card making process in 5 simple tips that anyone can do. I’m focusing on Fall card-making since it’s the upcoming season and incorporating some of my Archer & Olive supplies as well as scrapbook paper. Say goodbye to shuffling through holiday cards in your local stores and start creating your own that have both a polished yet crafty feel. 

Listed below are some of the materials I used to make my Fall Cards stand out. 


A variety of Autumn inspired paper pads from Michael’s craft store 

Fall themed sticker packs by Archer & Olive 

Stamps and Washi tape by Archer & Olive 

Permanent tape runner & glue gun 

Various fall embellishments from my crafty stash 

Foam double sided tape (for 3D 

Scissors & Paper Trimmer 


Here are (5) tips to make your holiday  memory keeping experience a success:

PICK YOUR PAPER (I call this the base of the card) 

card choices


card dimension


fall card ideas


fall supplies



Card making is such a relaxing and fun craft project that you can use to unwind after a long day. It’s always best to start crafting up your cards at least one month before the given season to give yourself time for crafting and shipping out. Card making can also be an act of kindness, as many corporations and charities ask for handmade cards. Never underestimate the power of your own creativity to make change through your crafts, hence my tag line <craft.plan.heal> 

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