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Hi everyone! It’s a new year, and just like you, Archer & Olive is getting organized. As well as revealing the items in the current launch, we would like to share what we have in store for 2023.

1. New Product Releases

This year we will be heavily focusing on rounding out our product selection to make sure you can grab your favorite staple items all the time! So what does that mean?

Outside of big launch days, we’ll be sprinkling in some new products throughout the year that you’ll be able to grab again and again. We love how excited you get for a big new collection launch, but we hope these everyday items we launch alongside new collections will allow you to keep stocked up on essentials for journaling!

To introduce this new everyday shopping experience, we’re releasing the Everyday Florals Collection, plus some fun new staple items, with so much more to come this year!

Everyday Florals Collection:
Coloring Book

First up we have the Everyday Relaxing Coloring Book! Designed with mindfulness in mind, our coloring book is filled with 22 single-sided illustrations of floral illustrations, quote pages, cozy tea-themed designs that inspire you to create as you relax.

Relaxing Coloring Book
Archer and Olive Relaxing Coloring Book

Archer and Olive Relaxing Coloring Book

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The pages are perforated so you can easily tear them out to color comfortably or display your finished artwork. Additionally, our coloring book includes a QR code that links to a specially curated playlist that you can listen to as you color! 

Floral Washi Tape

It wouldn't be an Everyday Collection without Washi Tape! Bring floral fun to your bullet journal, craft project and more with our Everyday Florals Washi Tape Set.

floral Washi Tapes swatches
floral Washi Tapes

Archer and Olive Floral Washi Tape

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This Washi Tape set features four stunning designs, including:
Powder Blue Floral Washi Tape
Blush Floral Washi Tape
Teal Washi Tape
Forest Green Floral Washi Tape

Coming Soon

To complete the Everyday Florals Collection, three new notebook designs are coming soon! Make sure you're signed up to our email list to be notified first!

More Staple Product Releases

In addition to the Everyday Florals Collection, we will be launching other staple products. Here are the first products launching.

Blank Cover Journals

First up we have three new blank cover journals. They feature three colors: Powder Blue, Aqua and Beige.

powder blue cover design
Aqua cover design
beige cover design

Colors of the Archer and Olive Blank Cover Notebooks

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Each notebook has our staple white 160gsm paper with 5mm dot grid, perfect for all your creative projects.

Glitter Journal Covers

Have you been looking for a way to protect your journal covers? These glitter notebook covers come in six sizes: A5, B5, B6, A6, 8x8, and Traveler's.

a5 glitter cover
b5 glitter cover
B6 glitter cover
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A6 glitter cover
8x8 glitter cover
TN glitter cover
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Archer and Olive Glitter Journal Covers

Each cover is clear with specks of silver glitter in liquid so you can move around the glitter and keep the eye-catching design of your journal on display.

There's no prettier way to protect your journal!

More to come...

We don't want to spoil too much of the suprise, but we will be expanding our Everyday range all through 2023. Products include Acrylograph Pens, stencils, and even some of your faves so make sure to let us know what you want to see! But that's not our only plan for 2023...

2. Website Update

With your feedback, we have been working behind the scenes to improve the website and your shopping experience.

New features will include:
- A wish list
- Better than ever search, filtering, organization and search results
- Browse the website by collection/release
- Improved navigation with new ways to shop
- (More fun things…)

We hope to launch the new look soon and we hope you love all the additions!

3. New Guided Experiences

We are so excited to bring you guided creative experiences in 2023 with the Launch of UNBOUND.

From the beginning of Archer and Olive, Bonnie set out to share the empowering tool of creativity with as many people as possible, helping people achieve their goals, exercise their creativity and provide them with the tools to manage their mental health. This year, we created our guided courses to bring the tools of creativity to a wider audience, and further help people with their mental health and wellness.

UNBOUND is a guided creative experience that has been designed to remove barriers and give you everything you need to start benefiting from creativity for your mental wellness. The experience will include a box of supplies and detailed video tutorials from an experienced artist we hope to introduce you to soon!

Taking time to do something you enjoy, especially something creative, can positively benefit your mental health - but it can be difficult knowing where to start or how to find the time. Therefore, each quarter we will release fun, approachable projects with a valuable creative experience that we hope will leave you feeling encouraged, enlightened and UNBOUND.

This experience will be launching in January, so make sure you are signed up to emails for updates!

4. More of your favorites

Don't worry, even with all the new additions, your favorites will remain. Look out this year for more subscription boxes, special edition boxes, monthly kits, and of course our big seasonal collections!!

We really hope you find something you love in this launch and are excited for our plans in 2023! Make sure to head over to Archer and Olive Community on Facebook or tag @archerandolive on Instagram to let us know what you are MOST excited for!

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