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Grow Free, Wild Flower

By: Bold Apps

Wildflower: a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention. This week only you can download the free 8x10 printable here. Use code: WILDFLOWER at checkout. 

Happy October!

By: Bold Apps

It's October, and to celebrate we're giving away this free printable calendar. This month, you can download the free 8x10 printable here. Use code: OCTOBERFREE at checkout. 

Freebie Friday! Rabbit edition.

By: Bold Apps

Rabbits are interpreted many different ways in many different cultures. In Chinese culture, Rabbits are an astrological animal symbolizing good fortune. People born under the sign of the Rabbits are believed to be creative, artistic, and sensitive....

Free Friday Printable

By: Bold Apps

Dimensions: 5″ x 7″ Please note: This is for a downloadable print. --- It's the little things in life!  Today We're giving away this printable on our site. To download, click on...

Wise words for your wall

By: Bold Apps

Today's free printable comes from the lovely Coco chanel. You can download it it here. 

15 Journals to Keep

By: Bold Apps

  1: Gratitude Journal Taking note of what you’re thankful for is an absolutely great journal to have. Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post recommends that each night before bed,...

Free Ice cream day printable

By: Bold Apps

It's SUMMMMMMERRR. And national Ice cream day! To help celebrate, you can download this print for freeee. Now go celebrate and eat plenty of ice cream for me (I got my...

How to: Paint a Floral Wreath

By: Bold Apps

Floral wreaths are everywhere these days. They make great wedding invitations, cards, and logos. Wreaths might look complicated, but they're actually quite simple to paint. Instead of paying an illustrator to create one...

Free hand lettering printable

By: Bonnie Kuhl

If this describes your life like it does mine, you need to download this free print (8x10"). Besides, what's better than free?

In my Bag today

By: Bold Apps

  In my bad today 👝 the La vie en rose notebook is perfect for throwing in your bag and going. Gotta love this @fossil bag. It holds everything! Not pictured:...

Freebie on Paper and Lace Blog Today

By: Bold Apps

  Hey Guys! We've been doing a collaboration with the lovely ladies at Paper and Lace (seriously... such awesome wedding inspiration). You can now download our Audrey bridesmaid card completely free! Go check...

We have notebooks!

By: Bold Apps

I am so excited to announce the launch of our notebook shop. This has been a dream of mine for SO LONG.  Use these notebooks to write the next great novel,...

Coming Soon!

By: Bold Apps

You guys, I have some new products in my heart as long as I can remember. It's the reason I got into the stationery business.  To finally hold the final...

February Printable

By: Bold Apps

Happy February! Only give this to someone if you mean it :-P.    Download the printable PDF



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