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FULL REVEAL of the Archer & Olive 2024 Summer Collection + Restocks

Hi everyone! We are excited to announce the 2024 Summer Collection: Beyond the Sea, launching on Friday, May 24th at 9am CT!

Beyond the Sea is a capsule of new notebooks and accessories, all inspired by vintage nautical elements with a dreamy twist - curated to help you navigate your journey to creative wellness.

First, as you may know, we have just moved to our very own warehouse! We are excited to have more control over our shipping experience, and we thank you for being patient with us during the move. This will be our first launch shipping out of our new warehouse, so as we transition and learn, we are predicting a three weeks processing time for items launching on May 24th. Going forward we expect to reduce this time, but we hope you understand the extended turnaround for this first launch.

So without further ado, here is what's coming in our 2024 Summer Collection:



The first items in our new Summer Collection are 4 new notebook designs.

Summer Book boxes

Archer and Olive Summer Collection Notebook Boxes

The Wayfinder notebook features a vintage ship traveling on the clouds and stars stamped in matte gold foil on a blue buckram cover.

Wayfinder notebook
Wayfinder notebook close up
Wayfinder notebook inside design

Archer and Olive Notebook - Wayfinder

Next, the Compass notebook displays an intricate full cover nautical design part debossed and part hand stamped with matte gold foil on a warm gray vegan leather cover.

Compass notebook
Compass notebook close up
Compass notebook inside design

Archer and Olive Notebook - Compass

Our new Vintage Mermaid notebook features a timeless mermaid design, stamped with pearl foil on a sea green vegan leather cover.

Vintage Mermaid notebook
Vintage Mermaid notebook close up
Vintage Mermaid notebook inside cover design

Archer and Olive Notebook - Vintage Mermaid

And finally, the Meteor Shower notebook features a cascading meteor design, stamped in silver foil on a dark teal linen cover.

Meteor Shower notebook
Meteor Shower notebook close up
Meteor Shower notebook inside design

Archer and Olive Notebook - Meteor Shower

Each notebook design features white dot grid pages in sizes: B5, 8x8, A5, TN, and B6.

Notebook Graphic

Archer and Olive Summer 2024 Notebook Sizes

We know you will have a favorite here, which is yours?


Next up, we have a variety of luxurious Summer Accessories, inspired by our Beyond the Sea theme, and curated to match the designs of our notebooks.

Calliograph and Acrylograph Pens

First, we have a new color palette: Beyond the Sea, in both the Calliograph and Acrylograph pens. Each set comes in ten new colors: Seashell, Sandy Beach, Ocean Mist, Sea Glass, Blue Whale, Deep Sea, Pink Pearl, Coral Cove, Drift Wood and Anemone.

Summer Acrylograph pens
Summer Calliograph pens

Archer and Olive Acrylographs and Calliographs - Beyond the Sea

The Acrylograph pens contain acrylic ink, which is perfect for layering and blending on any paper color (or many other materials) and allowing you to paint without the mess!

Summer Acrylograph pens
Summer Acrylograph pen swatches

Archer and Olive Acrylographs - Beyond the Sea

Meanwhile, the Calliograph pens feature water-based ink with dual tips: a large tip brush pen on one side, and a fine tip brush pen on the other, allowing you to highlight, letter, draw, and color with just one pen.

Summer Calliograph pens
Summer Calliograph pen swatches

Archer and Olive Calliographs - Beyond the Sea

Which set will you be picking up?


Next, we have 4 sets of Washi Tape inspired by the notebook designs, that are the perfect addition to your monthly spreads and planner pages all season.

Wayfinder Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Wayfinder Washi Tape

Compass Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Compass Washi Tape


Archer and Olive - Vintage Mermaid Washi Tape


Archer and Olive - Meteor Shower Washi Tape

The four sets include:
Wayfinder - inspired by the mystical ocean depths, set sail with your imagination using the friendly sea creatures, wild waves and dreamy skies.
Compass - inspired by nautical elements, pack up your suitcase and find your own path with the compass needles, maps, and sailboats to follow your message in a bottle.
Vintage Mermaid - inspired by exploring uncharted waters, dive into creativity with schools of fish, iridescent scales and undiscovered sea life.
Meteor Shower - inspired by dreamy celestial heights, explore the skies with vintage telescopes to see soaring constellations and shooting stars.

 Wayfinder Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Wayfinder Washi Tape

Compass Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Compass Washi Tape

Vintage Mermaid Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Vintage Mermaid Washi Tape

Meteor Shower Washi Tape

Archer and Olive - Meteor Shower Washi Tape

Pick the set that matches your favorite notebook or grab them all for four inspiring themes for your journal or craft projects!


There are also 4 corresponding sticker sheets in this collection!

Wayfinder Stickers

Archer and Olive - Wayfinder Stickers

Compass Stickers

Archer and Olive - Compass Stickers

Again, choose from the Wayfinder, Compass, Vintage Mermaid and Meteor Shower theme sets to add the finishing touches to your pages. Each set includes 2 sheets.

Vintage Mermaid Stickers

Archer and Olive - Vintage Mermaid Stickers

Meteor Shower Stickers

Archer and Olive - Meteor Shower Stickers

Each sticker set is printed on matte paper to blend seamlessly on your Archer and Olive notebooks.

Or if you prefer, you will be able to pick them up as digital printables!


Next, we have a new Stamp Set! Stamping is a way to quickly decorate and set up your monthly spreads and planner pages, no matter your skill level.

Mermaid Stamp Set packaging

Archer and Olive - Mermaid Stamp Set

The Vintage Mermaid stamp set features decorative and functional stamps inspired by the underwater theme.

Mermaid Stamp Set

Archer and Olive - Mermaid Stamp Set

The set retails at $25 and comes with a sheet of acrylic stamps, an acrylic block, and a permanent black ink pad.

Bluescale Notepad

Hold a cross section of the ocean in your hands with our new Bluescale Notepad. This A5 Notepad retails at $29 and features a dreamy gradient of blues, topped with a sandy ivory.

Bluescale Notepad top view
Bluescale Notepad side view

Archer and Olive - Bluescale Notepad

Keep it on your desk for notes to brighten up your space, or use the paper in your journal and craft projects!

Printable Tabs

Finally, we have some new printable tabs coming in four designs to match the Summer notebook icons!

Wayfinder Printable Tabs

Archer and Olive - Wayfinder Printable Tabs

Compass Printable Tabs

Archer and Olive - Compass Printable Tabs

Vintage Mermaid Printable Tabs

Archer and Olive - Vintage Mermaid Printable Tabs

Meteor Shower Printable Tabs

Archer and Olive - Meteor Shower Printable Tabs

These tabs will be delivered to you digitally for you to print off and use over and over again! Pick from Wayfinder, Compass, Vintage Mermaid and Meteor Shower.


Alongside the Summer Collection we will be launching some new Everyday Essentials and restocking popular designs.

Note: If you are awaiting pre-orders, Everyday Essentials and Bring Back the Fave items have begun shipping! Due to the volume of orders we expect it to take approximately 2-3 weeks for them all to ship out. Spring pre-orders are on track for June.

Creativity Cases

Available in two new colors, stylishly store your journaling accessories all in one place with our new and improved Creativity Cases!

Black Creativity Case

Archer and Olive - Black Creativity Case

Olive Creativity Case

Archer and Olive - Olive Creativity Case

Pick from the Olive case, made with herringbone cotton canvas and an embroidered strap; or the Black, created with our durable vegan leather and sleek black strap.

Detachable Shoulder Strap

Archer and Olive - Detachable Shoulder Strap

Case Handle

Archer and Olive - Case Handle

We took a little time to make some improvements; including reinforced handle grips for heavier loads, and adding a new detachable shoulder strap to allow for more carrying options.

Packed Creativity Case

Archer and Olive - Packed Creativity Case

Creativity Case - Pen Holders

Creativity Case - Pen Holders

The inside of every Creativity Case features:
- 28 pen loops on a detachable insert that can fit Acrylographs, Calliographs, and Tombows
- 3 small mesh pockets
- 1 medium mesh pocket
- 1 B5-sized mesh pocket
- 2 straps that can fit up 10 rolls of washi tape
- Fits B5, B6, A6, LS, TN, and SQ Notebooks

Creativity Case - Washi Holders

Creativity Case - Washi Holders

Creativity Case - Mesh Pockets

Creativity Case - Mesh Pockets

Perfect as storage for your bullet journals, Acrylograph pens, washi tape, wax seals, stamps, and much more. This craft storage case retails at $45 and is ideal for keeping all of your stationery and journaling accessories protected on-the-go.

Sticker Keeper

To keep all your new stickers in one place, pick up our Sticker Keeper Binders for $39!

Black Sticker Keeper
Black Sticker Keeper Inside

Archer and Olive - Black Sticker Keeper

Pick from two new colors, Olive and Black. Each is made with luxurious vegan leather, featuring a button clasp and sleek debossed ampersand. Inside, the smooth vegan leather has multiple pockets to store loose items, and 12 plastic pouches to organize our sticker sheets.

Olive Sticker Keeper
Olive Sticker Keeper Inside

Archer and Olive - Olive Sticker Keeper

You may have already seen that our new Kit Club will be delivered in binder pouches for easy organization, which will fit perfectly in this six ring binder! Join the Kit Club here.



To replenish our Everyday Collection, we are restocking the most popular sizes of the Wonderstruck and Storybook notebooks.

Wonderstruck Notebook
Storybook Notebook

Archer and Olive - Wonderstruck and Storybook Notebooks

Pick from A5 and B5, each featuring our signature dot grid paper.

Dot Grid Planner Stencil

Next, we will be bringing back the popular Dot Grid Planner Stencil for just $19. This clear grid spacing guide helps you measure out your bullet journal spreads with ease.

Dot Grid Planner Stencil
Dot Grid Planner Stencil on page

Archer and Olive - Dot Grid Planner Stencil

The stencil features half square notches, guide boxes, helpful shapes, and more so you can quickly create an entire journaling spread without the worry of continuing dots or uneven lines!

Rainbow Gel Pens

Last, but definitely not least, we’re bringing back our Gel Pens! These gel pens are the perfect companion for your journal, notebook, or planner. Get creative with journaling, drawing, fine details, lettering, or for your daily writing and to do lists!


Archer and Olive - Rainbow Gel Pens

They work amazing on not only white paper, but are perfectly opaque for black and colored paper too!

Faves Restock

We are also excited to share there are extras of our 2023 Bring Back Faves and Everyday Collection, which preordered at the end of last year. It would be impossible to share them all, so be sure to look over the landing page on launch day!

If you ordered any Everyday Essentials or Faves in the preorders, your items are currently being packed and sent your way!

We hope you’re excited for this one! Make sure to check out our website on May 24th at 9am CT to see all of the new Summer Collection: Beyond the Sea items!

And head over to Archer and Olive Community on Facebook or tag @archerandolive on Instagram to let us know what you are MOST excited for!

Happy Wednesday!