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5 Easy Mood Tracker Ideas for your Bullet Journal

by Ambassador Team 23 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Warm welcome to all new and returning readers! Today’s blog is about tracking your mood in your bullet journal. It will help you understand the different moods you experience while navigating through the tides of times. Tracking how you feel is such an amazing tool to improve  your mental health and enhance your well being. With a journal as a tool, understanding your mood often has a calming effect. Today, I am sharing 5 easy and quick mood tracker ideas to get you started with this key part of your wellness journey.

Hi again friends, I am Naina, also known as @twitcherwrites on social media. As an ambassador team member for Archer & Olive, I am back with some mood tracker layouts when the time is a bit of a challenge. I have also included 3 mood tracker printables, which can directly go in your journal, if you don’t have time setting it up yourself. Just print one out, stick it in your journal and you’ll have a mood tracker for the month to track your mood!

Mood Tracker

Mood tracker idea number 1 - Using Washi Tapes (Printable Included)

Washi Tapes are so amazing and easy to work with. They will help you in making a quick mood tracker layout. As shown in the image below, I picked three different colors of washi tapes and picked one feeling for each color. You can alter a bit if you want. For example, you can also use “Planning Stickers” for this technique in different colors or simply mix and match your favorite washi tapes. The layout looks pretty and is easy to follow along. I have used the washi tapes as banners here in the page I am sharing below as our first idea for a mood tracker.

Mood tracker 1

Mood tracker idea number 2 - Using Stamps (Printable Included)

Stamps are probably the fastest when you are short on time and are also my preferred way of making the mood trackers. All you need is a stamp of your choice and an inkpad, and you are good to go. And if you do not have any stamps, the printable I have included will help, Just pick a color and simply fill in the color designated to a feeling. The example shown below was made in under 6 minutes.

Mood tracker 2

Mood tracker idea number 3 - Using Stencils 

Next in line are the stencils - such an awesome tool while bullet journaling for multiple purposes. It is such a must have as you can use the shapes in the stencil to create a mood or a habit tracker in just a few minutes. I simply used the circles in different sizes to create the page below. You can pick any shapes of your choice or even mix and match different shapes.

Mood tracker 3

Mood tracker idea number 4 - Using Brush Pens / Calliographs (Printable included)

Now let’s go through a very simple and quick mood tracker using brush pens, more so there is no prep work needed for this tracker. Pick 3 or more Calliographs of your choice and you are ready. The thicker tip of the brush pen helps create a consistent line by keeping the tip a bit flat on the paper when you draw the line. Alternatively, you can also use the printable to trace on the lines already drawn for you.

Mood tracker 4

Mood tracker idea number 5 - Using random shapes

Here we go without planning and structure, and just go with the flow. Just draw random shapes to create this layout shown below and color in! Again, a simple page, done in just a few minutes. Pick your favorite shapes and colors, and you can also doodle inside the shapes if you have more time. You can always improvise and get more creative with your pages. You can also match the trackers with your monthly theme of colors and designs and see what works the best for you. 

Mood tracker 5

Here are the 3 mood tracker printables

Printable Thumbnail

Lastly I want you to know, It's not important how pretty each page is in your journal but the most important aspect here is the functionality of each page you consider including in your journals and how it helps you to stay on top of things. And ofcourse if you want to make it pretty it's your choice ;). I really hope I sparked some ideas for you to start using mood trackers to track your feelings and help you understand “you” better!

Thank you for your time. Be sure to tag us (@twitcherwrites and @archerandolive) if you got inspired or when you create something out of what was shared today :)

And also make sure you check out the video below to see me creating these mood trackers.

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Lots of love,


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