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10+ Holiday Doodle Tutorials For Your Bullet Journal And Holiday Crafting

by Design Team 12 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Hey friends, it’s Sarah from @essjay_florals and I’m so excited to share some holiday doodles with you all. Lately I’ve been finding doodling especially calming. I often illustrate more detailed pieces but when I have a creative block or just want to create something fun, some simple doodles can be the perfect activity. As we get into the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to compile some fun doodle tutorials to help get into the spirit of things.



Supplies For Holiday Doodle Tutorials

First up I want to share the materials I used to create the doodle page and bujo spread with tutorials.

  • For the doodle page I used an Archer & Olive B5 Neapolitan Notepad (unfortunately they are currently out of stock, but there are a variety of other colours and sizes available over here)
  • For the tutorial pages I used the B5 Olive Branch Green Vegan Leather Notebook from the Plant Based Bride Collaboration which you can get over here.
  • Pencil to sketch out the doodles
  • A mix of various Acrylograph markers in size 0.7mm (I find the best thing to do is select a palette of 5 or 6 colours and stick with these to keep your doodles consistent). The colours I used were:
    • White
    • Silver -Metallic Collection
    • Gold – Metallic Collection
    • Yellow – Primary Collection
    • Goldenrod – Warm Fall
    • Sky Blue – Jewel Collection
    • Brick Red – Cool Fall Collection
    • Fern – Plant Based Bride Collab
    • You can get collections here or individual markers here
  • I finally outlined all the doodles using a Unipin fineliner in 03

Don’t forget if you’d like to make any purchases from Archer and Olive to use my code SARAH10 for a 10% discount and as a way to support me as a creator.


First up I want to share with you the tutorials I created with a few notes (see these at the end of the tutorial photos). I wanted to keep all the tutorials to 4 steps, whilst some should possibly have more steps to really break it down, I think they are all still really helpful to follow along with. At the end I’ll share a page filled with these details and a fun printable to help with your holiday doodles.



First up, here are some tutorials for a wreath, candy cane, cracker and presents!

tutorial page 1

Some more holiday favorites include:

tutorial page 2

And finally here are a few more to pick from!

tutorial page 3


  • As I often like to rave about, acrylographs are the best as you can layer up (even layering lighter colours on top with great success!)
  • Whilst in the tutorials the steps are in fineliner, I recommend using a pencil and then add acrylographs and finish off with a fineliner on top (as stated, because of the opaque nature of acrylographs your lines will likely disappear as you colour if you outline first.
  • Some of the doodles I start with a darker colour and add white on top and only add one or two layers to keep the darker colour showing through. However, in some of the tutorials I added 3-4 layers of white to ensure it was totally opaque.
  • Mix up the colours, tweak the steps, make them your own and make sure to have fun!

doodle pages

If you are more of a visual learner, check out this video of me drawing them all!

I hope you are now feeling as festive as I am and are able to get into the holiday spirit with these fun holiday doodles! And if you would like to create some of these doodles in your own journal feel free to download the free printable now.

doodle printable

I’d love to see your recreations or take on this tutorial, and don’t forget to tag myself at @essjay_florals & @archerandolive if you’d like to share.

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