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10+ Ideas For Bullet Journal Dailies | Daily Planning In Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 25 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Hello friends, Crystal from @thecrystallinaperspective on Instagram and Youtube Today we are talking about bullet journal dailies, otherwise known as daily planning. I hope you find these organization tips for your bullet journal helpful and get some inspiration for your daily planner pages! 


Let’s talk: Daily Planning:

In today’s blog post, we will talk about all things daily planning. I absolutely love daily planning. Daily planning spreads can be created in so many different ways. The objective of using daily planner spreads is to increase daily productivity. When creating daily planner spreads, you want to be specific to your needs. In most planners, there are general categories, but in a bullet journal the sky's the limit! 

The first piece of advice is to brain dump everything that you possibly need to do that particular day. This will help you to categorize your daily spread and decrease the amount of time it takes you to create it. Secondly, you want to choose supplies that will help you to create the best spread possible. For me, I love using stamps and stickers. I get creative and use stamps and stickers all the time in my notebooks.. There are so many different ways that a daily spread can be created. You simply have to choose what works best for you and go for it. 



Supplies You’ll Need:

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Let’s Create!

daily bullet journal page

In this blog, I will give ten different ideas that can be used to daily plan. I highly encourage everyone to think about how they can use daily planning within their life. Each idea was based on what I needed for each day. Typically, I brain dump on a sticky note every idea that I have. Then I proceed with creating a spread. Each spread is different for me but if you are a person who loves consistently I encourage you to practice that. I also encourage you to pull out your stamps, stickers, stencils,  washi, whatever you enjoy adding to your journal. Bullet journaling is for everyone. You just have to figure out what works best for you. 

Let’s Plan:

idea one

Idea 1:

This first idea is very simple. It’s a list. Sometimes in daily planning, you simply need to create a list and write down everything that must be done on that day. A way to manage this list is to add a checkbox at the end of each item or highlight the item after it’s done. You can add as much or as little as you want to this spread. 


idea two

Idea 2: 

Idea two consists of using stencils and stickers. Typically for my daily spreads, I enjoy adding a spot for gratitude. I try to reflect on gratitude daily. You can also add a spot for an affirmation or scripture. In most of my daily spreads, I like to put down my meals, water intake, and any fitness. This setup is a great way to visualize several different aspects of your life. 

idea three

Idea 3: 

Idea three consists of time blocking. When it comes to daily planning, a great way to do it is to time block. This is the first of many ideas of time blocking. Time blocking is when you carve out your time. You assign a task to each hour or a set of hours. During the time that you assigned the task, that is when you work on the task. This method is really great for goal oriented people who want to accomplish multiple things throughout the day. 

 Idea 4

Idea 4: 

Idea four consists of the famous “top three”. Maybe time blocking is a bit much but listing your top three things to do for the day can help you to get the most benefit out of your daily planning. When I was studying in nursing school, I used the top three method, a lot. Sometimes, things can be overwhelming depending on what you are doing within your life, so if you can get three things done then that’s a lot. 

Idea 5

Idea 5:

Ideal five is another time block idea. This time, I listed the hours of the day that I plan to be productive. Then I wrote out my tasks each time. I also wrote out my goals. Goals are similar to your top three. The goals section allows for me to write abbreviated versions of my goals and focus on what I need to do during the day to accomplish them. 

Idea 6

Ideas six through eight consist of sticker daily spread ideas.

Idea 7

Stickers are my favorite things in the world. If you find yourself stuck because you can’t draw, use stickers.

Idea 8

There are so many different varieties of stickers. The stickers that I use come from a variety of sources, and I encourage you all to use the best stickers for your journal. I simply placed the stickers on my journal however I feel. There is no right or wrong way to place stickers.

Idea 9

The last two ideas consist of jotting each part of your day down. Idea nine consists of another to-do list. This list consists of an expanded version of the top three list. The goal is to write down your to dos and try to accomplish them throughout the day.

Idea 10

Idea ten is one of my favorites because it combines different areas of my life as well as a time blocking section. I can write a must do from each section such as what I want to accomplish from each section such as exercise.

Check out this video to see the process of creating this spread. 

Daily planning is a very functional and useful tool if the person does it according to their needs. It can help you to accomplish your goals throughout the day as well as be productive. Daily planning can consist of things to do, documenting the weather, tracking your mood, and so much more! Daily planning is so simple to do and can consist of everything that you want to do.   Don’t forget to download the free printable of daily layout options!

bullet journal dailies printable

If you decide to make this spread or one similar please tag @archerandolive, and use hashtags #AOShare and #archerandolive. You can find me on Instagram or YouTube: @TheCrystallinaPerspective 

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