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10 Simple Fall & Autumn Doodles To Add To Your Bullet Journal

by Content Team 19 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Hi Archer & Olive fam!

It’s Icy of, one of the Design Team members 2021 - 2022 bringing you another blog post! This one is very exciting for me because it is about one of my favorite seasons, Autumn or Fall!

I have a very long list of things I love about Fall but I thought I’d consult with the Archer & Olive Facebook community and see what they like best about the season. Here are the most common Autumn favorites:

  • Pumpkins
  • Thick socks
  • Falling leaves
  • Boots
  • Apples
  • Warm drinks

And because I love wearing clothes for cool weather, I have decided to add these into the Fall favorites list:

  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Sweaters
  • Blankets

I decided to do something fun with our 10 favorite Autumn things and make a doodle page!

finished doodle spread

Materials needed

  • Paper or your journal to draw your Fall faves
  • Pencil and eraser to draft out your Autumn doodles
  • Pens to finalize your drawings and color them in!

For my Fall doodles, I will be using some of my Archer and Olive Acrylograph Pens. I’ve selected colors that are associated with Autumn which are yellow, orange, red, and brown. I decided to throw a dark blue in for contrast! Feel free to use other colors like green or gray, or any other colors that symbolize Fall for you! 

picture of materials mentioned

I have provided a printable along with this blog post which you can use as a guide to either trace or use as reference for your Fall doodles! Click on the image below to download the document:

fall doodle printable

And because you will be doing Autumn drawings of your own, feel free to change the drawings by adding designs or colors that remind you of Fall! The more unique you make your drawings, the more it will speak out to you! You can even make your own set of Fall doodles! Don’t be afraid to get creative! 


Step By Step Drawing

I personally use a pencil to draft out my Autumn drawings so it would be easy for me to make changes. And once I’m happy with how the drawings look, that is when I finalize with the pen of my choosing. 

In addition to the printable, I have also included a video you can follow along with as many times as you like! The link to the Fall doodles step by step video can be found here:

Now let’s start drawing the things we love about Fall!

Fall Doodle #1: A Scarf

scarf doodle

Who doesn’t love a nice fluffy scarf? 

I was looking for some Fall drawing inspiration on Pinterest and I found a lot of different types of scarves. I decided to go with the colors orange and yellow for veryAutumn feel.

For some reason Autumn scarves remind me of the Gryffindor House colors from Harry Potter! Speaking of Harry Potter, feel free to use other House colors for your scarf fall doodle. Or better yet do all four Houses! This is also a great idea for a bullet journal theme!


Fall Doodle #2: A Warm Drink

drink doodle

What goes well with cool weather? A warm drink of course!

This Autumn doodle is perfect for everyone whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker! I actually like both! I drink coffee during the day and then tea during the night. My personal favorites are caramel macchiato and chamomile. What about you?

You can even add more personalized Fall flavors like cinnamon or pumpkin spice to your nice warm drink.


Fall Doodle #3: A Hat

hat doodleAren’t cold weather hats just the cutest?

My personal favorite hats are bonnets with a cute fluffy ball on top. They are just so warm and cozy! 

Feel free to add other designs to your hat like cat ears or fox ears!

Fall Doodle #4: Thick Socks

socks doodle

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love wearing thick and high socks during cool weather! They are great to keep my feet nice and warm!


Fall Doodle #5: Leaves

leaf doodle

Autumn is associated with falling leaves. I personally love the look of red and orange leaves on the ground, such a pretty sight to look at! Which is why I just had to add these!

Fall Doodle #6: Sweaters

sweater doodle

Autumn is absolutely sweater weather! I personally love wearing oversized sweaters because they are so warm, cozy and ultra comfy! I could wear them all day everyday! 

Fall Doodle #7: Blankets

quilted blanket doodle

Who doesn’t love snuggling under a nice blanket? 

There are many different types of blankets from fleece, electric, doona, quilted and more! I chose a quilted blanket for my Autumn doodle because I feel like quilted patterns are reminiscent of Fall. Quinn, one of the Archer & Olive Design Team members made a quilt for one of their personal projects, which you can also use for inspiration for your Fall doodle blanket design!


Fall Doodle #8 Apples

apple doodle

What fruits remind you of Autumn?

For a lot of people on the Archer & Olive Facebook Community, they say apples! I love how apples come in different colors but I find red the most suited to Fall.

Fall Doodle #9: Boots

boot doodle

We had thick socks earlier and wouldn’t it be nice to wear a pair of boots?

I don’t own a pair of ugg boots but they sure do look nice and warm and perfect for Autumn.

Fall Doodle #10: Pumpkins

pumpkin doodle

Last but definitely not the least, we’ve got the most Autumn-y vegetable there is in the history of vegetables!

Everything pumpkin basically is a Fall thing. For example pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies and essentially pumpkin flavored everything! 

So aside from the 10 Fall Doodle ideas in this blog post, what other Autumn favorites do you have in mind? Feel free to include these in your own Fall doodles!

We would absolutely love to see what you create, so don’t forget to tag us @archerandolive and so we can see the amazing things you come up with!

And remember, perfection is not a requirement to create! Have fun and let your creativity run wild!

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