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25+ Best Bullet Journal Themes For 2022

by Design Team 21 Nov 2021 0 Comments

Hello Friends! I’m Dano from @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! And I’m incredibly honored to share some Bullet Journal Theme Ideas with you! The Bullet Journal community is incredibly creative, and I love all the different styles from everyone! In this blog post, I’ll share with you some theme ideas for different occasions that some talented Bullet Journalists created! From minimal themes to super detailed themes, all super inspiring and beautiful! I hope these amazing themes inspire you on your journaling journey!

Supplies to use on your Themes:

  • Archer & Olive Notebook: Nothing feels better than using the amazing Archer & Olive 160gsm notebooks, they are incredible for all different types of mediums and my biggest recommendation. The thick pages don’t bleed or ghost, which means you can create without worries!
  • Pencil: It’s always useful to sketch your theme before jumping right into it. I love preparing my theme with a light pencil sketch and it’s always easier to avoid mistakes!
  • Calliograph (optional): The new calliographs are great to do lettering, calligraphy, painting, or just to give a pop of color to your themes! Also, they have 2 types of brush pens on each side, both amazing!
  • Acrylograph (optional): In case you want more opaque details, my recommendation is the acrylographs, they give incredible opaque colors and I love the color variety of each set!
  • Fineliners: I love using the Sakura Pigma Micron 01 for my outlines on illustrations and for the tables and trackers I make on my BuJo, there’s a lot of variety of fineliners, but I love how the Sakura Pigma Microns don’t smudge and are water resistant!
  • Decorative elements (optional): For other decorative elements you can use Washi Tape, stamps, stickers, papers for scrapbooking, etc..

In case you want to get something from Archer & Olive remember to use my affiliate link and code DANOSBUJO10 for a 10% discount!

Disclaimer: These Bullet Journal Theme Ideas are in no particular order! I tried to find a variety of different themes that can hopefully inspire you in your Bullet Journal.

1: Black and White Theme | @hayleyremdeart

 black and white theme

[Image credit: @hayleyremdeart on Instagram]

Starting with a Black and White theme, Hayley did a beautiful scrapbooking theme mixing black and white papers! And a magnficient calligraphy!


2 : Minimal Theme |

 minimal florals

[Image credit: on Instagram]

Sometimes being Minimal is the most relaxing thing to do, Ali did this gorgeous flower in a black squared background, simple yet so beautiful.


3 : Grid/Polaroid Theme | @bulletjournalbychloe

Polaroid theme

[Image credit: @bulletjournalbychloe on Instagram]

I find making grids as backgrounds a really cool idea! Chloe did this super fun grid theme with some polaroids hanging, super doodly, and fun!


4 : Series Theme |

squid game theme

[Image credit: on Instagram]

Another theme idea that I love is being inspired by my favorite Series! Char decided to make a whole theme inspired by Squid Game (loved both the series and the theme!)

5 : Halloween Theme | @elizabethturn

animal theme

[Image credit: @elizabethturn on Instagram]

Halloween is always such a fun inspiration! Being inspired by festivities is always a great idea for a BuJo Theme! Elizabeth did a really fun theme with snakes and some florals, The title of the month are literally snakes super creative! You can also be inspired by ghosts, spiders, jack-o’-lanterns, etc.

6 : Fruit Theme | @tiinasdiary

fruit theme

[Image credit: @@tiinasdiary on Instagram]

Do you have a favorite fruit? Why not make a theme in honor of it? Tiina made a whole theme dedicated to Lemons!! What a beautiful textured theme! I think I’ll grab myself a lemonade after watching this teme!

7 : Scrapbooking Theme | @danosbujo

scrapbooking theme

[Image credit: @danosbujo on Instagram]

Feeling creative but you don’t know what to do? Why not make some scrapbooking? Ripping papers, playing with stickers and washi tapes and having fun placing them as you wish! That’s what I did for this theme and it was a lot of fun! (tip: use some gold details to pop the vintage vibes if you’re looking for that).


8 : Fall theme | @enemesis_4

fall theme

[Image credit: @enemesis_4 on Instagram]

Maybe you prefer getting inspired by the Seasons, that’s a great choice for theme ideas! Céline made this Mushroom Theme to welcome Fall! The warm tones are super fun, and I love the little stars on top of one of the mushrooms!


9 : Flower Theme | @essjay_florals

flower theme

[Image credit: @essjay_florals on Instagram]

Perhaps you enjoy the simplicity and the graciousness of drawing flowers, here Sarah did some beautiful blooming flowers with a gorgeous initial of the month’s name! 


10 : Leaf Theme | @esthyscreations

leaf theme

[Image credit: @esthyscreations on Instagram]

In case you’re feeling slightly less creative but want to make a beautiful theme, maybe you should try drawing leaves or making a collage using washi tape and stickers like Esthy did! It’s super beautiful and simple!


11 : Crystal Theme | @experimental_bujo

crystal theme

[Image credit: @experimental_bujo on Instagram]

Crystals are a great theme for every time of the year! Nathalie did these gorgeous green shiny gems! And also a fun shadow behind the month’s title! 

12 : Movie/ Pink Theme | @jashiicorrin

movie theme

[Image credit: @jashiicorrin on Instagram]

If you’re not a fan of Series, you can also make a Movie Theme! I love contrasts, and this pink and black is absolutely gorgeous! Inspired by the movie Mean Girls and the video of Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande, Jess did this amazing theme filled with doodles and patterns! Thank you Jess, Next!


13 : Doodle Theme | @julia.pezowicz

doodle theme

[Image credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram]

Julia did this Mushroom Ghosts as her theme for October! How cute are these Doodles?? Doodling is always an idea for a theme, having fun making some drawings here and there, it’s great!


14 : Animal Theme | @kesysbujo

turtle theme

[Image credit: @kesysbujo on Instagram]

Are you an animal lover? If you are, here’s the perfect theme idea for you! Kiersten did this Turtle/Sea Animals theme and it’s giving so many relaxing vibes! She also used this theme for plastic pollution on the oceans awareness on her instagram, super creative and great cause! Pick your favorite animal and make a theme about that!


15 : Harry Potter Theme | @kjpages

Harry Potter theme

[Image credit: @kjpages on Instagram]

Another Movie Theme, but this time is Harry Potter! You can get inspired by the details in movies, like Magic in this case! K did this incredible HP theme and I love the castle drip so much! If you’re a Harry Potter fan maybe this is the theme for you! 


16 : Metallic Theme | @letterbeseen

metallic theme

[Image credit: @letterbeseen on Instagram]

The most incredible thing about using a Blackout Notebook is how gorgeous and saturated the metallic watercolors or the acrylographs appear on the paper! Sarah did a beautiful theme with the metallics! (super sparkling *-*)


17 : Space Theme | @littlecreativejournals

space theme

[Image credit: @littlecreativejournals on Instagram]

Maybe you’re a fan of the Celestial! Space, the Universe, Stars and Planets! Well … what are you waiting for to make a theme about Space? Here Sophie did a creative Space theme! She made a Galaxy in a Jar, Super cute and creative!


18 : Science Theme | @littlecreativejournals

Science Theme

[Image credit: @littlecreativejournals on Instagram]

Any Science lovers out there? Yes? Then this theme is for you! Sophie did this DNA Theme that looks so beautiful! If you love science try making some cell theme, test tubes (that might be reacting), anything! Science is fun!


19 : Pride Theme | @mandyjournals

pride theme

[Image credit: @mandyjournals on Instagram]

I love this Pride Theme that Mandy did! She was inspired by the rainbow flag and did this rainbow with clouds theme! Super cute and the message is beautiful! Maybe it’s a theme you’d love to explore and make as well!


20 : Travel Theme | @miras.journal

travel theme

[Image credit: @miras.journal on Instagram]

If you are interested in the traveling aesthetic, or if you’re traveling soon, try making a Travel/Trip inspired Theme! Mira did this stunning Theme, with a map, an hourglass and more traveling instruments! It’s super interesting and gorgeous!


21 : Vintage Theme | @mondaymorningdesign

vintage theme

[Image credit: @mondaymorningdesign on Instagram]

Do you love Vintage aesthetics as I do? Well… Then you’re going to adore making a vintage theme! It can go from an all-filled spread to simple spreads as Viv did! I love the brown color palette, it reminds me a lot of vintage, using alphabet stamps and some washi tape, makes everything super clear and beautiful!


22 : Archer & Olive Inspired Theme | @secondstarbujo

sub box theme

[Image credit: @secondstarbujo on Instagram]

It’s so fun to see how some Archer & Olive products inspire other creators! Here Jenn was inspired by the AO June 2021 Subscription Box Theme “ Ethereal Desert”! You can get inspiration for your themes by the themes of Archer & Olive Sub Boxes, launches, or even the products!


23 : Honeycomb Theme | @sharonyacreates

honeycomb theme

[Image credit: @sharonyacreates on Instagram]

Honeycombs are super fun to draw! So therapeutic, playing with the different colors and placements are great! I also made one in the past, good times! Here Sharonya made a honeycomb theme with some bees, and it’s so beautiful! She also did a fun dutch door!


24 : Spooky Theme | @stationerynat

spooky theme

[Image credit: @stationerynat on Instagram]

You may also love making themes with a lot of illustrations, washi tape, cute doodles and in this theme Natalie decided to combine all those elements to create this Spooky and cute theme! With ghosts, potions, spiders and spiderwebs, mixed with washi tape and a slight touch of black paper in the corners! 

25 : Mythical Theme | @thebirdbujo

mythical theme

[Image credit: @thebirdbujo on Instagram]

You can also be inspired by the mythical creatures and make a whole theme about that! In this theme Alma decided to create a wolf inspired by the spooky season, as she said the wolf appears in a lot of fairy tails as vilains. It’s so beautiful and creative! If you need some ideas for mythicalcreatures here’s some ideas: Phoenix, Dragons, Medusa, Cerberus, Pegasus, and more!

26 : Plant Theme | @zquinns_art

plant theme

[Image credit: @zquinns_art on Instagram]

The last Theme Idea I’m bringing you is honestly my “go to” theme, Plants! Painting or simplify drawing plants brings tranquility, relaxation, and joy! Here Quinn did this amazing cover page for their July theme, they painted these leafs around the page and did a window on the background! How cool is that?!

In case you want to have the full list of theme ideas for you to keep around close to you, I made this free printable where you can print it or just keep it on your device! I find having it useful for when I’m having an art block, and watching the theme ideas always makes my inspiration appear out of nowhere!

bullet journal theme ideas

I hope you enjoyed these Bullet Journal Theme Ideas to spice up your Bullet Journal and your creativity! If you’d like to check more of my Content check @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! If you Recreate/Got Inspo from any of these Theme Ideas don’t forget to tag me (@danosbujo) and @archerandolive,, #AOShare and #archerandolive. Also if you recreate any of the themes shown here, make sure to credit the original creator!

See you next time!


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