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5 Creative Ways To Use The Archer And Olive Acrylographs Pens

by Design Team 07 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Hey, Masha here from Masha Plans!

Archer and Olive Acrylograph pens are amazing, their colors are beautiful, the acrylic paint ink flows so well (just check my detailed review here).

There is one thing though -  paint based pens are a whole new beast to learn. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually a great thing!

The fact that these are paint-based pens means that there are many creative ways you can actually use them, and today I want to share a few of my favorites so you can use the full potential of these amazing pens!


What we’ll be using in this post? Acrylograph pens of course!

As you might know they come in 3 mm and 0.7 mm tip sizes, my favorite are probably 0.7mm ones, because you can be much more detailed with them.

There are tons of amazing colors available, my favorite ones are probably the gold and silver ones from the metallic collection.

acrylograph pens

A cool thing is that lately Archer and Olive also started selling them individually, so you can actually choose and pick what colors you want to add to your collection.

Oh and if you decide to make any purchases from Archer and Olive be sure to use my code MASHA10 to get 10% off your order.


Probably my favorite way to use acrylograph pens is for lettering.

You can use them for faux calligraphy, or pretty much any type of other lettering. 

quote photo

They come in great colors to make your lettering stand out , and because they are paint based pens they will look great on any paper and with any paper color.


Acrylograph pens are very unique and the illustrations you can create will look very different from anything else.

cup illustrations

I’m still learning how to use them for illustration - it’s a whole new technique. But I absolutely love the effect it creates.


The cool thing about acrylograph pens is that they actually can write on any surface. And once they dry - they stay permanent.

So a creative thing you can do with them is use to decorate your Bullet Journal cover.

journal cover

I’ll be honest it took me a while to get the bravery to actually draw on the cover of a journal, but when I did I actually had fun with it.


You can do so many DIYs for your house with these pens.

Remember that they can write on any surface and they are permanent. So let your imagination flow and keep your acrylograph pens in mind for your next DIY project.

boba cup photo

I used my acrylograph pens to decorate my boba cup for example.


Want to add labels to well, pretty much anything, but don’t have a label maker?

No problem here! Just use your acrylograph pens.

The fun part in that is how you can play around with the colors and the fonts, so your labels always look unique and creative.

box labelling

Here I actually labeled the plastic containers where I store my washi tapes. Well, at least a small part of them - I also have 5 washi cases on my lexington cart.

Share with us your favorite ways to use acrylograph pens and tag me @mashaplans and @archerandolive on Instagram, we would love to see your creations.

Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!                

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