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3 Important Bullet Journal Spreads To Keep You Organized

by Design Team 19 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans.

Today we’re talking about staying organized and a few Bullet Journal pages that help me do so.

Yes, I know that the entire Bullet Journal is there to keep you organized, but there are some pages that are just a bit more tailored to that.

We’re not going to talk about basic pages here like the weekly spreads of goals page either. I tried to pick a few pages that are not that obvious.


Here is what I used to create these pages:

  • Archer and Olive A5 journal. Of course, I pretty much exclusively use Archer and Olive journals these days, nothing bits their quality and cute designs.
  • Journal cover. I love my journals way too much to keep them uncovered, especially since they are laying down all over my office and you never know when the coffee will decide to spill.
  • Acrylograph pens. I don’t use them much for doodling, but they are perfect for lettering and headers. And since these pages are more about being useful, I didn’t make them too artistic.
  • Kraft paper notepad. I’ve been obsessing lately with using kraft paper for my Bullet Journal setups, so I decided to include that technique in these pages as well.

Remember that if you decide to get anything from Archer and Olive, you can always use my code MASHA10 to get 10% off.



This is probably the spread that helps me the most.

routine spread

Creating a routine helps to ground you, but also makes it much easier to work on your tasks.

You don’t need to spend your decision-making resources on deciding what to do, you automate with routines and that helps you to concentrate more.

And I know here I made a full day routine, but really just including a morning or (and) evening routine can make a huge difference.


This is the kind of spread that takes a while to set up, but it will be worth it!

time log

With a time log, you’ll know exactly how you spend your time. And this is the first step towards making changes and being more organized.

In this example, I created a monthly time log, but you can start by monitoring your time just a few weeks before you’ll be able to see the patterns and start working on them.


How often do you have a short break only to find yourself on TikTok two hours later? It happens way too often to me, so I’m using this spread to help.

15 minute task

Basically, next time I decide to take a break, I just look at this list and pick one of the activities.

And I admit, some of these sounds like house chores. But resting your brain doesn’t mean not using it. Actually just changing up the activity for a bit is a huge help.

Plus with these little things I do during the day I actually end up covering a lot of my daily chores as well.

Who knew you can do so much in so little time!


I love these pages and they helped me a lot throughout my Bullet Journal adventures, so I decided to record a little Plan With Me video here as well.

Hope you have just as much fun watching it!


What kind of printable did I create for you here?

Of course, the page that is probably the most annoying to create, a time log!

free printable

Download now and you’ll have it ready to use in your journal right away.

Share with us if you decide to use any of these ideas in your journal and tag me @mashaplans and @archerandolive on Instagram, we would love to see your creations.

Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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