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5 Important Pet Spreads for Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 23 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Hello everyone! Erin Floto of @erinflotodesigns (on all social media) and mom to two pups, Harley and Malia, and two cats, Max and Mason. With four animals, it is extremely important for me to document their health, vet visits, medical concerns and more. So I’m sharing 5 bullet journaling spreads today that may help you when taking care of your pets! They are part of the family after all and their health should be taken just as seriously as any person in the family!

Recommended Bullet Journaling Supplies:

  • Archer and Olive Notebook
  • Hard tip brush pen or regular black pen and pencil
  • Ruler, if you care about straight lines
  • Colorful markers, Acrylographs, or paints if you want them!
  • Creativity!

You can use my affiliate link and code on Archer and Olive’s website for a 10% discount. The code is EFD10. 


1. Health Visits Tracker

Because of all of my animals, it is helpful to have a place to document health visits and color code for each of the animals. I also like to include my own health visits as well. There is a key at the top for which color is associated with which animal. Then on the bottom, there is a section for each month of the year. That is helpful in case you set your appointments well in advance when you know that vaccines and annual appointments are due. In this example, I have appointments in August for three of my animals and another in September for my other dog. I color code then add the date of the appointment inside of the color code. 

health visits spread

[Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


2. Pet Profile

This might be my favorite spread because it has everything in one spot, including a place to put their basics, microchip information, vaccine schedule, background medical issues, and a place to mark off their monthly heartworm and flea and tick medications. If you plan to use this multiple years, you can mark the month on the sides and have multiple checklists. This spread would be great for a long term collections bullet journal or traveler’s notebook. I also created a printable for this page!

pet profile spread

[Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


3. Pet Training Schedule

Training your dog is always a smart plan. Even just the basics like sit, stay, and teaching them how to walk on a leash is incredibly helpful for day to day life. Most training locations have a schedule for the amount of time that your pet is in that program. This training schedule spread is designed for an 8 week course and includes the commands that they are learning towards each week. There is also plenty of space to include a notes/comments section to jot down what they are having difficulty learning.

pet training schedule

[Credit: @erinfotodesigns]


4. Training Accomplishments

If you know anything about me, you know that I love tracking progress through progress bars or progress circles. These circles are sectioned into quarters to mark down how the training skill is progressing. Each segment represents 25% and once the skill is completely learned, you can mark it in 100%. These stickers are available on my website.

training accomplishments

[Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


5. Medical History

Sometimes your pet may need some extra tracking because of a medical condition. My cat, Mason, had issues as a baby. He had a blockage and had to have surgery before he was 2 years old. As a result, there are some things that I have to keep an eye out related to how he urinates. There are areas to mark in the date the issue started occurring, what symptoms the pet had, the treatment given by the vet, notes/comments in case there are complications during the treatment, and when your pet seemed better. This is another spread that may be good for a long term bullet journal. In addition to animals with a more complicated medical history, this is good for any animal in case you move and need to give your new vet a quick run down of the pet’s medical history.

medical history

[Credit: @erinftoodesigns]


Make sure to grab your free printables here:

pet spread printable

Process Video

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that this guide provided some helpful pet spreads to track every health and training issue that may come up for your loved pets! Tag me @erinflotodesigns and @archerandolive if you use the pet profile printable! I would love to see all of your wonderful doggos have one! Have a great one, bye!

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