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5 Bullet Journal Spreads To Keep On Top Of Your Cleaning Schedule In 2022

by Design Team 31 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Hello everyone! Erin Floto of @erinflotodesigns (on all social media) getting ready for a new bullet journal set up! One of the things that is important to me at the beginning of the year is coming up with a cleaning schedule and a way to mark it in my bullet journal. I’m not always the best at keeping up with my annual spreads but even the visuals and coming up with a schedule is a really great exercise for me. So let’s get some ideas going!

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1 | Annual Breakdown

This is a simple one and works out really well in an A5 bullet journal because the amount of squares works really well for tracking weekly and every other week. In addition, I included a general monthly cleaning for each room, every 6 months and annual for those once in a while tasks that need to get done. When you’ve completed the monthly, weekly, bi-weekly (or bi-monthly, it can be called either!), annual or semi-annual task, you can highlight the corresponding square.

annual breakdown

[Image Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


2 | When Did I Last?

I love these types of spreads for irregular tasks. This one is very simple with a space for the cleaning task, the schedule for the task, and the date when it was done. For this type of spread, you can also  have multiple date columns to help mark in tasks that will happen multiple times or you can skip rows. For example, in this spread I have dust blinds every 3 months so that will happen twice when I am in this bullet journal so I can skip one line and put in both dates.

when did I last

[Image Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


3 | Fly Lady Zones

I know a lot of folks like cleaning via zones and the Fly Lady zones are definitely extremely popular. So in this spread, I have an outline of the home where I can mark the zones, what each zone is, and then the monthly cleaning schedule for each zone. 

fly lady zones

[Image Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


4 | Tasks By Room

This particular spread isn’t for marking off the task, assuming that is done in your monthly, weekly, or daily set ups. This particular spread is for writing down all of the tasks that need to be completed in each room and the schedule for that cleaning. This is a great visual reminder that can help with your monthly cleaning trackers.

tasks by room

[Image Credit: @erinflotodesigns]


5 | Progress Circles

This is one that I used this past year in my annual setup using stickers from my website ( There are stickers for monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annual tasks. In the segment you can put down which month the task needs to be completed in and once done, you can highlight the segment.

progress chart

[Image Credit: @erinflotodesigns]

Process Video

Watch here as I put together all 5 spreads. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this provides a ton of inspiration for setting up for the new year in your bullet journal! Tag me @erinflotodesigns and @archerandolive in any recreations because we love seeing them on social media!! Have a great one, bye!

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