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5 Trackers To Use During The Pandemic

by Maria Irina 17 Apr 2020 0 Comments

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans and I’m here to help you out in this difficult time of quarantine.

In times of panic and worries like what we are facing right now, I find peace and comfort in routines and tracking.

So today I’m here to share with you 5 tracker ideas for your Bullet Journal. These will help you track different Covid-19 related things and will help you to stay safe.


Notebook - I used my B5 Archer and Olive notebook, I’m always up for having more space in my journals.

If you want to try this journal size, or get anything from Archer and Olive, you can get 10% off your order if you use my code MASHA10.

Fineliners - of course, my favorite Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens!

Color - I used a mix of Zebra Midlliners and Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Both are my favorites and go-to when it comes to coloring.


The first thing you can track in your journal is your temperature.

bullet journal, tracker, habit tracker, masha plans, archer and olive, zebra mildliners

Fever is the first sign of the virus, so maybe knowing that you don’t have any will help you stay calm, and if you catch some fever early on, you’ll be able to immediately go and seek some medical attention.

Since I’m very focused on the fever aspect I didn’t add any low temperatures here, but you might want to. Just widen the table, thankfully the B5 notebook allows for more columns.


This is a great tracker if you have any chronic diseases. It also works well if you know exactly what symptoms to be on a lookout for when it comes to Covid-19.

bullet journal, habit tracker, tracker, masha plans, archer and olive

This tracker is for 31 days because I still had March in mind when I was making it, in case you wonder.

This can also be a great way to track your mental health. If you see that you have less appetite and have more panic attacks, it might be a good time to take some extra measures.

Just think how you usually feel when things get worse and add those symptoms to the tracker.

For decoration, I chose some random medical doodles, but you might want to use something that makes you happy or brings a smile on your face, like flowers, sushi or stationery, my personal top picks.


Self-isolation is pretty hard, but you can add a bit of fun to it with this tracker.

tracker, habit tracker, masha plans, archer and olive

The way it works is pretty simple. I basically created a page from a coloring book, and for each day you stay in isolation you color one of the doodles.

For me it’s been a week at the time of me writing this post, so you can see I only have 7 doodles colored.

It’s pretty fun to fill out this tracker and it can be pretty useful to track how long it’s been.

Maybe you could also add dates next to your doodles, so you know which days you stayed in and when you had to leave the house.


This is a very important thing to keep track of during this pandemic.

bullet journal, tracker, page ideas, bujo spread, masha plans, archer and  olive

By writing down everyone you had contact with during your day, you are keeping people safe - in case you get the virus, you’ll know who to warn.

Plus you’re staying safe yourself since you’ll know if somebody from your list got it and it’s time for a doctor visit.


Finally, the tracker that I’m using as well and that I think is essential for hard times of self-isolation - mood tracker.

mood tracker, habit tracker, bullet journal tracker, masha plans, archer and olive

Being by yourself, locked at home can be pretty hard. Believe me, I know - I’m currently on lockdown at my relative’s house, in a country I’m visiting, away from my husband for the first time in two years.

There are good days and bad days and I think for your own mental health, you should monitor it. This tracker will help you with that.

Be sure to check it out daily and pay attention to how your moods are changing. If you’re struggling - be sure to find some time for yourself and restore your energy.


If you want to start using these trackers right now - I have a printable for you!

I created a floral mood tracker that you can start using in your journal right away.

bullet journal, free printable, mood tracker, masha plans, archer and olive

Sign up for your printable below, print it out and use an adhesive to add it to your Bullet Journal right away.

Most importantly - stay safe and healthy!

If you’ll be using any of these tracker ideas be sure to tag me and @archerandolive on Instagram, we love seeing your creations!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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