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5 Ways To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal

by Guest Blogger 13 Jan 2021 1 comment

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans. Today we’ll be talking about using washi tape in your Bullet Journal.

I’ve been pretty crazy about it ever since I got my first one from Simply Gilded and realized that washi tape can be so beautiful!

So of course I was over the moon when I saw that Archer and Olive started releasing their own washi tape including some that were in their first subscription box.

Since I bet a lot of you have some washi in your collection as well, I thought I’d share with you different ways I love using washi tape in my journal.


For examples here, I’ll be using some of my Archer and Olive notebooks, like my current white journal from pride collection and my fall collection journal.

As for washi, there will be tons from all over the place, but mostly from Simply Gilded as well as from Archer and Olive.

If you decide to buy some Archer and Olive goodies, be sure to use my code MASHA10 that will give you 10% off your order on all the items on the site!

Ok let’s get to it!


First of all, you can use washi tape to decorate your pages,

quote page, masha plans, archer and olive, washi tape

It’s a simple and fast way to add more fun to your pages and it can help you create a cohesive theme among your setup.

I love using washi tape to decorate my quote pages, or just full out some weird empty space I might have on my page.


If there is a page in your Bullet Journal that’s very important to you and you go back to it often, you can make it easier to find if you highlight it with some washi tape.

to-do page, bullet jorunal page, bujo, masha plans, archer and olive

All you need for that is to add washi tape to the edge of your page and just like that you’ll be able to easily find it.

In my current journal I have highlighted my future log and grid guide - two pages I always look back at.


Before I ever developed my washi tape addiction I was using it to fix mistakes.

bullet journal, fix mistakes. archer and olive

Misspelling is probably my middle name - as soon as my mind starts wondering I find myself having two Mondays in the same week or maybe a Frituday instead of Friday.

This can be easily fixed if you just add some dark washi tape to cover it up and write the correct word on the top.


There’re also these amazing washi tapes that have days of the week on them (like this one by My Inner Creative) which you can use to speed up your process of creating weekly spreads.

bullet journal, weekly spread, masha plans, archer and olive

It’s fast, it's cute and you get pretty lettering in your journal even if you’re not that good at it yourself!


Another fun way to use a washi tape is by creating a hollowed-out lettering effect.

This isn’t something I use a lot but I think I really should because it’s super fun!

masha plans, bullet journal tips, washi tape, archer and olive

What you have to do is, you add washi tape and write your header on top of it, make sure that washi tape covers only the middle part of your letters.

When you’re done, take the washi tape off and write something in the empty space. Like, let’s say you used block letters to write MONDAY, then in the empty space in cursive, you can write December 21st.

So these are some of my favorite ways to use washi tape in my journal. How do you usually use it?

Show us how you use washi tape in your Bullet Journal and tag me @masha.plans and @archerandolive on Instagram, we would love to see your creations.

Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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1 comment

28 Apr 2021 Katrina

Never thought about using washi tape that way before. Might need to try to draw. My days if the week with these techniques.

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