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50+ Halloween Themes For Your Bullet Journal!

by Content Team 26 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Hello Friends! I’m Dano from @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! Today’s Topic is Halloween Theme Ideas!! And I got you at least 50 ideas in this Blog Post! Some of them might be a little heavy and some might be fun and soft for everyone! From common themes to movie themes, I think I got every possibility covered here!

These theme ideas are meant to help you find inspiration for your own bullet journal, you do not need to be artistic to use these theme ideas, so feel free to get inspired by some of the theme ideas! <3

bullet journal spread with 50 halloween theme ideas

Here’s what I used for this Post:

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close up on bullet journal theme ideas

1. Bones / Skeletons

Bones is always such a fun doodle that you can use for Halloween! Bones/ skeletons are a must in every Halloween party, why not on your bujo?


2. Skulls

Skulls are also super fun to use as a Theme! There are different types of skulls that you can illustrate, from humans to animals, from the top part of the skull to the bottom part of that! I love sketching Skulls btw XD.


3. Crime scene

Do you like Crime documentaries, or maybe Series…. that yellow tape, body mark, the mystery, omg that sounds so interesting! Crime Scene can be such a wide inspiration for every person, I didn’t call this theme idea as a Serial Killer theme, but you certainly can do that!


4. Ghosts

Ghosts are also a must in every Halloween Party!! From cute ghosts to really creepy ghosts, they can be really fun to create on a theme! And they are certainly not hard to doodle!


5. Blood

I promise I’m ok ahahaha, Blood can be a fun theme for a dripped theme, medical purposes, and those blood bags we see on Vampire Shows…. I think you got the idea, but if I’d do that as a theme, probably I’d grab red paint and splash all the spreads just to create that creepy aesthetic lmao. 


6. Black Cats

You know where I want to end with this theme idea…… black cats are the cutest, you should definitely create one!!!


7. Witches

Witches are very common at a Halloween Party, they are all so different, so interesting, with a mysterious background, from witch hats, brooms, and grimoires, you can be inspired by the Witchery Aesthetic! 


8. Vampire

I love Vampire Series, they are so interesting, I had those fake teeth when I was a kid, so it sounded like a must to include a vampire theme in this list!


9. Werewolf

Like Vampires, what would be a Halloween without Werewolves? From claws, and scratches, to cute wolfs, you can have so much fun with werewolves as a theme for Halloween!


10. Broken Mirrors

I always wanted to make a Broken Mirror theme, just the idea of having shatters on my spreads sounds amazing in my head! 


11. Tarot

I love the idea of making a Tarot theme! It’s so fun and mysterious to me, the cards are beautiful and their meaning are so cool! Imagine making a tarot reading and using those cards as your theme for your bujo?!


12. Moon Phases

Don’t you just love the moon?! You can do such beautiful themes with it’s phases with watercolors, stickers, doodles, etc! Moon themes are honestly my favorite to watch!


13. Eye Balls

Another creepy theme is Eye Balls! You can have fun drawing some circles and veins and create an eye ball, in a cup, in a jar, just by itself! You can make it creepy or make it cute, it’s up to you!


14. Dust / Fog

Those foggy forests are so cool to create, the aesthetic of a fog environment is so beautiful and maybe you can create a collage with that aesthetic as well, there are a lot of beautiful and interesting photos of fog/dust environments!


15. Moth 

I have never thought of how beautiful a Moth illustration could be until recently! Moths are such a fun animal to create for Halloween time!


16. Hocus Pocus

Entering in the Movie-inspired themes, Hocus Pocus is a fun idea to create a theme on Halloween!


17. Adams Family

I never fail to watch at least one of the Adams Family movies on Halloween, and making a theme inspired by that movie sounds so amazing!


18. Ghost Animals

Ghost animals can be illustrated using a blue-toned art supply, like a spirit maybe, they are so cute and bring the creepy vibe as well that is perfect for Halloween!


19. Torture Devices

This theme is inspired by some of the torture devices that I saw on Adams Family, it could be fun to create a theme around it, in case you’re into that kind of stuff XD.


20. Scream

Scream is such an iconic movie with Ghostface! That could be such a great theme! With the mask and a knife maybe!


21. Saw

My favorite saga is the Saw saga, the whole aesthetic, with the jigsaw, the masks, the games, that would be so cool to see in a theme, I imagine it as a collage with a picture here and there and some color matching papers and washi! *-*

22. Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is such an amazing animated Halloween movie, I saw some incredible Corpse Bride-inspired spreads around the community, and it makes so much sense to make one, and it’s perfect for Halloween time!

23. Friday 13th

Another movie that could be such an interesting Halloween theme!

24. Wax

Wax can be an amazing and creative theme if you make different objects, people, and houses, in wax! Playing with yellows and oranges perhaps!

25. Candles

Halloween without candles isn’t the same! Candles are so cool to create, they match so many things, they bring cozy vibes, and creepy vibes and the best part is that you decide what you want to create with them!

26. Rituals

Rituals are super interesting to watch in movies and shows, probably not in real life though…., but having those as inspiration for a theme sounds so cool!

27. Jack O Lantern

Jack O lanterns are so epic and fun to create as a theme on your Bullet Journal! And the best part is that it’s actually not that hard to create one!

28. Snakes

Personally, I have fear of snakes, but their pattern, the illustrations, and the aesthetic they have are so beautiful! A snake theme might be a perfect theme for Halloween! (Or maybe a tattoo XD)

29. Spiders

Another animal that I am afraid of, Spiders! They are a perfect fit for Halloween, having some spirder doodles as a theme for Halloween can be a very cute idea!

other half of spread close up

30. Spider Webs

Following with the Spider Theme. Making Spider webs is also a great idea for a Halloween theme! You can make so many different webs and add some Lil cute spiders as well!

31. Bats

Bats are also creatures of the night, very cute if I may, and fun to add to a Halloween Theme!

32. Candy

Candy is also something that comes to my mind when I think of Halloween! There is a lot of candy that is eaten on Halloween, maybe that can be your inspo for this theme!

33. Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican tradition that is so beautiful and meaningful, that also inspired a lot of Halloween looks every year! Maybe it can also inspire you on a bullet journal theme!

34. Haunted House

A haunted house is so fun, you can create a house and it’s scary elements, maybe it’s old, maybe it’s all broken, just imagine your haunted house and create a theme with that!

35. Owl

Aren’t Owls the cutest?? Owls are so pretty and they match so well the Halloween aesthetic!

36. Potions

Potions are such a cool theme! I have seen so many people doing their own potion themes, and omg it’s so fun! 

37. Zombies

Zombies are a great Halloween costume and creating a little zombie as a character for maybe a story for that month theme could be so fun! 

38. Grave Stones

Grave Stones are perfect for a creepy Halloween theme or maybe a cute theme if you do it tiny and with flowers!

39. Runes

Runes are so cool, in my head I think of glowing runes and that’s so cool! Have fun learning about runes and create a Theme filled with runes!

40. Ouija

This theme is self-explanatory, you can create an ouija board theme, kinda creepy but super interesting and fun!

41. Magic

Magic is an amazing theme for all months, but especially Halloween! Wands, wizards, potions, magic, and sparkles!

42. Childs Play

Another fun horror movie that you can turn into a theme is Childs Play! Chucky is the main character, maybe he can inspire you in a theme as well!

43. Beetle Juice

Recently I watched Beetle Juice, and it’s characters and colors could definitletly inspire you on a Halloween theme! But don’t say that name 3 times…. don’t say I didn’t warn you lmao

44. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another great movie with Jack Sckelington that is perfect for Halloween! Jack is so cute and I bet you loved that movie! So try and create your fave characters into a whole theme!

45. Chain Saw

I have never seen a Chain Saw theme, but making cute chain saw’s can be perfect for Halloween, can you imagine little doodles of that?!

46. Chocolate

Chocolate is a theme perfect for every month as well, but it can also fit for Halloween! 

47. Pumpkin

Halloween is during fall, and pumpkins are the best Halloween “but not really” theme for the season, in case you want to mix Pumpkins with Jack o Lanterns that would be so fun!

48. Graveyard

Same as Grave Stones, a Graveyard theme can mix ghosts, flowers and gravestones, and you can create a full realistic graveyard as well as a small doodle one!


49. Dead Flowers

Flowers are always amazing themes for every month, but Dead Flowers, mixing may be dried flowers or just less saturated flower illustrations!

50. Roses

Roses are amazing for Halloween, because of their saturated red and the spikes. They fit in a dark theme with their petals falling, or just on their own!

51. Fingertips

Just like the crime scene theme, in this theme, you can have fun stamping your own fingertips in a crime type of theme! 

52. Crows

Another animal that makes total sense for Halloween is Crows, they are so pretty and making a theme with Crows and flowers would be so gorgeous!

53. Wicked

In case you love Wicked, why not making a whole theme of it for Halloween?!

54. Coco

Coco might be my favorite Disney movie, it made me cry so much but it’s so beautiful! It reminds me of dia de Los Muertos, but make it more animated and character focused!

55. Creepy Quotes

Maybe you want a minimal theme, for that you can add some creepy quotes, or horror movie quotes that you find matching to your liking!

56. Slime

For a Slime theme, you can either make some slimy borders around the pages, maybe cut outs, and have a slimy Font as well! 

57. Crystal Ball

same as Magic themes, a Crystal Ball theme sounds so fun and pretty to make! Can you predict that theme?

58. Gore Core

This last one is heavier, if you like Gore Core, have fun making a collage inspired on that, but if you don’t like that sort of thing, just have fun with soft images with a creepy red marker over those images!

Check out how I did these list on my bullet journal in this video:

Here’s a Printable that I made with the full list of theme ideas for Halloween that you can do on your Bullet Journal! I hope you enjoy it ♥

halloween bullet journal theme list

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween Theme Ideas for your Bullet Journal Spreads!

If you’d like to check more of my Content check @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube

If you use any of these theme ideas don’t forget to tag me (@danosbujo) and @archerandolive,, #AOShare and #archerandolive.

See you next time!


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