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6 Clever Dashboard ideas for your Undated Planner

by Nicola Knobel 05 Aug 2019 0 Comments

Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and today we are running through some really simple dashboard designs for your undated planner. If you are wondering what an dashboard is, its pretty simple. A dashboard is a space you can use for key information, specific things to keep track of or priorities! It can also be used as a running master to-do list, or even a page divider! 

To make it easier for you, I made this how to video to help you along!

Using a meal planner dashboard

Here I used my "The Happy Planner" half sheet to stick into my planner with some washi tape, it's a really easy way to add extra space into your planner and also gives you some space to see what you need to make or buy or do for the week ahead. Its a great way to see everything at a glance!

Using a colouring book page to make a monthly dashboard

You can use any coloring book page to create a fun dashboard at the start of your month. Here I cut open a page and used both sides to make a cute rainbow monthly spread in my planner. It really gives you the opportunity to add some gorgeous work without to much effort and, like I have done here, you can use watercolors, because your A&O paper deals so well with the wetness

Using blank pages from your other notebooks

Here I used a blank page from another Archer and Olive notebook to create a really quick dashboard for to-do lists and priorities. I love that I can make the page bigger or smaller depending on what I need to use it for. I made my spread a little more fun by adding some bring washi tape and some holographic monthly stickers from my shop! They all fitted together perfectly! 

By opening up some space on my dashboard, I can use my weekly spread in my planner for meeting notes, or key events or things due!

Creating page tabs with a dashboard

I used my Black Out Paper to create this dashboard. First I cut out a little tab up at the top to note where my Events calendar would go. I then stuck it in like the rest of dashboards, with some washi tape. I used this dashboard to track anything in August that took priority in my planner, meaning it was easy to find.

Using a movable dashboard

This is quick hack to have your most important goals follow you through the month. Use a post card, here I am using one from the "FLOW" magazine, that you can move around from week to week, by attaching it with a paper clip. This simple hack can be used with any paper really, but if you are intentional about what you put into your planner it wont end up looking like a scrapbook! 


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