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6 Ways to use your Blackout Journal a little differently

by Nicola Knobel 17 Jul 2019 0 Comments

Look, I was as excited as probably everyone else to grab one of these cute unicorns! Why wouldn’t I be excited about something so novel! Black paper with dots! BUT What the hell would I use it for!

Hi again! Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and today I am going to cover 6 ways to use your black out journal a little differently!

Making Accent Pages

Wouldn’t this just be a simple way to create something really pretty and shake up your current journal? Absolutely! So let’s shake it up by trimming it down and pasting it into your journal. You’ll need to match the paper up to make it fit really well into your current A5 journal.

Cutting out smaller pieces for accents

Following on from the previous example, we could easily use this in a minimal spread for some great accents to a spread. Using it as a column or even as a doodle box for your white pens!

Using it is a month cover or flap!

This could be achieved in both your current dot journal or even in your undated planner. To do this, cut out a strip and place it where you want it to be placed at the beginning of the month

Using black and white stickers to help you create spreads

The black and white is really impactful on your black out journal, so if you are really nervous about making spreads with pastel jelly rolls, then don’t fret at all, use some stickers which create a level of detail and allow you to use your normal coloured pens to fill it in.

How to highlight words

Now this can be tricky because highlighters don’t really show up on black paper do that! Well – here we are to the rescue! To create a highlight you could easily print out some cute pastel papers which you could stick in prior to writing the words that you need highlighted. This is an easy hack that needs not too much work.

Fixing Mistakes

Now this is always an issue regardless of if you are using white, black or purple paper! What do you do if you make a mistake? What’s great about Bonnies paper, is that is 160gsm and holds inks well, so you can easily use things like a sharpie to color over an area that may not have worked out so well!

Check out some of the other posts on Black Out Journals and ways to use them, there are a tonne of amazing spreads you can create with them, you just need to think a little out the box.


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