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7 Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas

by Maria Irina 15 Nov 2019 1 comment

Masha here from Masha Plans! Today we’re bringing the holiday spirit to our Bullet Journals with these 7 ideas.

When November comes and people start talking about holidays, what I think of is Thanksgiving a fun holiday which also requires quite a lot of preparation.

So today we are setting up 7 Thanksgiving-themed Bullet Journal pages to bring the holidays to your BuJo and help you plan them in the best possible way.

archer and olive bundles


Supplies To Use On Your Thanksgiving Spreads:

Notebook - Of course for me it’s my wonderful B5 Archer and Olive notebook

Fineliners - my current choice is Pigmen Pens by Faber Castell

Markers - I used bright oranges and yellows of Karin markers for my Thanksgiving pages

Get all the things ready and let’s dive in!


Quote Page

This isn’t really a quote, just a “Happy Thanksgiving” page, but it totally could be a thanksgiving quote if you wanted it to be.

bullet journal, thanksgiving, holiday bullet journal, bullet journal ideas, cover page, B5 notebook, Archer and Olive notebook

Quote pages are what adds that extra touch to your theme and are also great to fill out any empty spread you might have.


Gratitude Log

What better time than November to give a chance to a gratitude log!

bullet journal, thanksgiving, holiday, gratitude log, bullet journal page ideas, B5 notebook, archer and olive, karin markers

Gratitude log is a great practice that can help you become better and a little bit happier every day, so definitely give it a try!


Bucket List

I love creating bucket lists, they remind you of all the beautiful things you love about the season and create that extra feeling of excitement.

bullet journal, bucket list, fall bucket list, thanksgiving, bullet journal page ideas, archer and olive

Create a bucket list of things you want to do in November, or maybe just a list of things you want to do with your family on Thanksgiving day.


archer and olive review



Getting the Thanksgiving dinner ready can be a huge pain in your poor and overworked neck, so use this spread to help you plan it out.

bullet journal, archer and olive, thanksgiving, holiday bullet journal, thanksgiving dinner, dinner menu, archer and olive

Write down all the dishes you’ll have and who is responsible for bringing or cooking those. If you want more details, you can also divide the meals by the type of dishes: main dish, side dish, dessert and such.


Grocery List

The grocery list definitely should be next to your menu, for better coordination.

bullet journal page ideas. bullet journal inspirations. archer and olive, thanksgiving, holiday bullet journal, karin brush markers, grocery list

Just like with the menu, you can separate your list by categories: meats, vegetables, spices. Or by how in advance you can buy things.


Thanksgiving Planning List

This is your master list to plan all things thanksgiving. Really, the earlier you start planning, the smoother it’ll go.

planning, thanksgiving bullet journal, thanksgiving plan, holiday bullet journal, bujo, archer and olive

I’m obsessed with pre-planning things so I’d start planning a month in advance but feel free to add any deadlines you have for yourself. Just be sure to give a thought to all the tasks and assign them to be completed in advance.


Guest List

This will help you orient on how much food should be prepared.

guest list, bullet journal, family dinner, thanksgiving, bullet journal page ideas, archer and olive

Plus, you can use this spread to note what are food preferences or allergies of some of your guests!

archer anf olive bundles


YouTube Video

Want to see me setting up these pages? Just check out the video below.

I hope you got inspired to create your own holiday-themed pages. Make sure to tag @archerandolive and me on Instagram if you do, we both would love to see your creations!

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1 comment

20 Nov 2019 Patty Fowler

This is such a great way to get organized and have time for it all. And especially to enjoy yourself and be grateful when the day comes.

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