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7 Ways To Use Your Archer & Olive Notepad

by Guest Blogger 10 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans.

Today we will be talking about notepads. 

I really think this is one of the best items Archer and Olive ever released since there are so many amazing ways it can help you with your Bullet Journal.

We'll talk about it today and I hope you like all these ideas and eventually will agree with me that notepâds are amazing!


What will I be using for this post? Of course Archer and Olive notepads!

They have a lot available, but my favorite is probably a Neapolitan one since it has paper of all three colors. This makes it even more versatile.

I’ll also be using some Archer and Olive washi tapes since I’m absolutely obsessed with washi lately.

And of course the notebook I’ll be using here is an Archer and Olive journal, my favorite little pink guy.

If you ever decide to buy any of these supplies, or pretty much anything from Archer and Olive catalog - be sure to use code MASHA10 that will give you 10% off your order.

Ok, let’s take a look at some awesome ways to use your notepad.


First of course the obvious one - you can use your notepad to take quick notes.

archer and olive, notepad, note taking, masha plans

I always need to jot something down while I work but I don’t always want to add it to my journal, since it’s just some silly things. 

My perfect companion for that is, of course, the notepad. Which is always near my right hand so I can easily take notes as I go.


Ever had a week when you just didn’t do a weekly spread? Like maybe you got too busy and only realized on Wednesday you don’t actually have a weekly. But desperately need help planning?

bullet journal, bullet journal weekly, weekly spread, archer and olive, notepad

This happened to me more than once and my notepad always came to my rescue - I just used it to create a quick weekly and stay on top of my planning.


I love to see pages that have some black or kraft paper in them, it’s such a simple and yet stunning way to add some more fun to your pages.

You can use this trick to decorate your pages with a notepad that has a different type of paper.

The best part about it is that notepad actually has a dot grid and a 160 GSM paper, so you can keep on planning on the colorful piece of paper, it doesn’t have to be there simply for decoration.


Sometimes you need to fix mistakes in your Bullet Journal and a white gel pen (my favorite trick to fix mistakes) might just not be enough.

In some cases, a notepad can also help you.

archer and olive, notepad, masha plans, how to

First of all, you can use the paper from the notepad to cut out a little piece and stick it on top of your mistake. The paper is the same as in Archer and Olive journals so it won’t be noticeable. 

Secondly, you can use a page from a notepad to cover a mistake so big that the entire page must be eliminated.

Just use an adhesive and add a page from a notepad on top, that way you won’t need to damage your journal binding by wrapping the pages out.


Want to get creative and add some flops to your Bullet Journal? Just use the paper from your notepad to help you.

bullet journal tip, bullet journal flop, masha plans, archer and olive notepad

Whether you decide to create a big flop to add some more space to your page, or maybe just a small flop to make your page a bit more fun and create a secret hidden area - you won’t need anymore to cut the last pages from your journal.

Simply use the page from your notepad, that already has all your pages perforated so you can easily take them out without any damage.


The thing with lettering is that you always need to practice, but just printing things out might not be the best idea, if you use the wrong kind of paper your brush pens can frey.

lettering practice, masha plans, archer and olive, notepad

But notepads are made of amazing 160 GSM brush pen friendly pens, so if you need to practice or just warm up before you start your lettering project - the notepads are perfect for that.


Notepads come in the same amazing 160 GSM paper, so they can handle a lot of things. You can easily just use it as a canvas for your art.

It’s very easy to take the pages out, so you can frame your art and use it as house decor.

lettering, quote, quote page, masha plans, bullet journal, archer and olive, notepad

I don’t really do art, so for this example I just created a little quote page - this is as art as I can go. But I hope you get the idea even without an amazing art example.

If you decide to use any of these tricks in your Bullet Journal, be sure to tag me @mashaplans and @archerandolive on Instagram, we would love to see your creations.

Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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