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All The Inspiration You Need To Bring Spring Into Your Journal

by Hayley Remde 16 Mar 2020 0 Comments

All The Inspiration You Need To Bring Spring Into Your Journal

It’s nearly spring here in the UK, but if anything it’s still getting colder each week! From what I see online, we’ve all been having longer winters lately, so I decided I needed some inspiration to bring spring into my journal seen as the weather is a little behind. This way I can get more excited for warmer weather, longer days and sunny mornings… if it ever comes! So, if you’re done with the cold weather and you want to bring spring into you journal, keep on reading to see all the amazing spreads I’ve collected.


Recommended Supplies:

  • Journal – As always, it will be no surprise to you that my pick is the Archer and Olive Journal. The lovely and thick pages have no bleeding or ghosting, so you get a clean start for every project spread! Also, it means you can decorate the spread without worrying about it.
  • Pencil – To carefully plan out your ideas so you can make sure your spread has everything you need.
  • Fineliners –My favourites are the Unipin fineliners as they’re waterproof, affordable and have a strong nib.
  • Decorative Touch (optional) – This could be anything from washi to watercolour, or of course, nothing! I usually like to add a personal touch to my spreads so they’re more fun to use and look at.


I love all bullet journals, so I’ve tried to include a good range of different styles so you can hopefully find something that inspires you. If not, why not adapt one into your style, and when you post it tag me as well as the original creator so I can see YOUR style!


Julia spread

(Created by Julia on Instagram: @julia.pezowicz)

I love Julia’s style! You should definitely check out her unique watercolour doodles. This theme of hers last April really reminds me of spring, I can’t wait to see small yellow flowers pop through the brown countryside.


Flowers turorial

(Created by Holly on Instagram: @hollylovesplanning)

When I think of spring, the first thing I think of are flowers. Holly has made this really simple tutorial on how to create the perfect flowers so you can create them too!


Spring painting

(Created by Manson on Instagram: @dutch_dots)

I really love this theme by Manson! It’s so peaceful and it just reminds me of spring mornings!


Leaf tracker

(Created by Sarah on Instagram: @essjay_florals)

Sarah makes the most creative trackers, and her feed is full of flowers perfect for a spring theme. I love this tracker, where she fills in the leaves for each day/mood.

Flower tracker

(Created by Sarah on Instagram: @essjay_florals)

I couldn’t pick just one, so here’s another, perfect for people who have several moods a day!


Flower doodle spread

(Created by Anouk on Instagram: @graphicanouk)

I’m so in love with these doodles by Anouk. Such a simple and effective way to bring a spring theme into your journal!


Welcome spring spread

(Created by Ela on Instagram: @elas_bullet_journey)

This spread by Ela is an amazing way to welcome spring into your journal! This one is definitely on the more creative side, and I love the idea of having a spread dedicated to welcoming spring.


Easter spread

(Created by Susa on Instagram: @isabelhoops)

With spring on the way, that means Easter isn’t far away either! If you celebrate the holiday, this is an amazing masterpiece by Susa who’s included everything I think of when I think of spring/Easter!


Bunny tracker

(Created by Susa on Instagram: @isabelhoops)

If you don’t celebrate Easter, here’s another amazingly creative spread by Susa. This mood tracker of bunnies is so adorable! I can imagine myself doing this, but with much simpler bunny doodles!


Spring lettering

(Created by Elizabeth on Instagram:

This lettering is so perfect for spring! I love the colour, the shimmer and of course the flowers. I can imagine someone doing a who set up with this lettering as the headers.


March cover

(Created by Liddy on Instagram: @instaliddy)

This cover page by Liddy really is the perfect way to bring a little spring into your journal! The colours are gorgeous, and Liddy really does draw/paint the most amazing flowers.

Flower key

(Created by Liddy on Instagram: @instaliddy)

Which is why I couldn’t pick just one of her spreads! This one is for the more adventurous journaller’s, I love the pale pink background for spring.

Watercolour flowers

(Created by Liddy on Instagram: @instaliddy)

And I just had to squeeze in one more from Liddy… How gorgeous are these watercolour flowers!?


Simple spring theme

(Created by Susanne on Instagram: @plansbythildra)

This spread by Susanne is such a clever way to bring spring into your journal with just a highlighter and a flower doodle. It’s so neat and minimal, I love it.


Spring Dutch door spread

(Created by Susanne on Instagram: @plansbythildra)

It had to include this spread by Susanne too! I love the simple, but effective decoration and such a creative way to include a dutch door!


Watercolour flowers

(Created by Leona on Instagram: @bountifulcolours)

This illustration by Leona is absolutely stunning, and it would make the most amazing spring theme.


Black and white flowers

(Created by V on Instagram: @dotted.v)

V has the most beautiful feed where she creates detailed flower patterns, so if you want a spring theme with a little less colour, definitely go check her out!


Blackout spread spring theme

(Created by Patrice on Instagram: @lirioaranjaroja)

Patrice shows us how you can even bring spring into a Blackout! Journal! If you haven’t already, you need to check out their account.


Flower tracker

(Created by Thuy on Instagram: @thuys.bujo)

This mood tracker by Thuy is so creative! The different moods make it look like flowers growing in spring time.


Spring monthly overview

(Created by Fenke on Instagram: @fenkesjournal)

I’m so in love with this green/purple/orange combination by Fenke. Before I saw this, I wouldn’t have put these colours together for spring, and I’m in love with it!


Branch theme

(Created by Lenny on Instagram: @lennydoesthings)

This theme by Lenny is so simple and effective! I love how she created the branches, and the headers give a lovely pop of colour.


April cover page spring theme

(Created by Masha on Instagram: @mashaplans)

Really love the colours and doodle style in this spread by Masha. It’s definitely perfect for spring!


Flower doodles

(Created by Masha on Instagram: @mashaplans)

Masha has even created this amazing spread of flower doodles! I can definitely think of many ways these could be used for the perfect spring theme.


Watercolour flowers spring and quote

(Created by Hannah on Instagram: @hannahmariaplans)

Last but not least, look at this MASTERPIECE by Hannah. I love the contrast of the flowers to the background, and I’ve seen some really creative people do a beautiful spring theme in this style!


Hopefully I’ve given you some help and inspiration to bring spring into you bullet journal! And if I have, I would love to see your creations, so tag me on Instagram (@hayleyremdeart) and use #hayleyremdeinspired to get the chance to get your creations featured in my stories!



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